Eliminating app installs on mobile devices

How about not needing to download, install and manage mobile apps in order to use them, well apparently Sinclair Voicenet has now partnered Obsidian Wireless to deliver the first app-less mobile compliance solution that eliminates the necessity to install handset apps across multiple devices.

The new unique App-less mobile compliance solution provides financial and other regulatory sector organisations an effective way of comply with regulatory requirements to record all customer interactions via mobile phones.

With the first App-less mobile compliance solution organisations can keep an eye on and record any mobile device such as the iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry and Android handsets and newly released smartphones can be used upon release without the need for specific apps to be developed.

In use the App-less solution provides a seamless user experience without reducing battery life or functionality of mobile phones along with eliminating second call costs and call delays with other systems whilst the network based solution decreases the requirement for supplementary in house support overhead thus delivering noteworthy savings along with reduced cost of ownership.

Obsidian Wireless CEO Paul Liesching says that a rising number of financial institutions such as Tier 1 banks have successfully deployed their mobile recording service for voice, data and SMS and this partnership with Sinclair Voicenet enables us to extend our reach into the financial sector whilst enabling more companies to completely comply with the regulatory requirements of the FSA.

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