Instagram for Android waiting agony like Temple Run

As the battle continues within the smartphone world with who can bring out the most impressive device and number of sales, a different kind of battle is raging, the one for apps. With Android and iPhone devices topping sales beyond belief, users then at times have the arduous task of waiting for the latest app to release with the intention of downloading it.

Up until now as gottabemobile.com reported, Apple’s iPhone with its popular iOS apps tends to tick all the boxes particularly when it comes to the quickness of app launches, whereas Android users tend to be put on the back burner!

One app that Android lovers are waiting for at the current time is ‘Instagram,’ which we have to say is just one of no doubt many, one example of this is the popular ‘Temple Run.’ Its been reported that the new Instagram app will at some point be on the way, but users it seems are getting a little frustrated with the waiting game as well as fans wanting the same experience that iPhone users get. One advantage to having the iPhone over an Android device is that in general apps tend to release a year earlier than that of an Android.

Reasons for Android having to play a waiting game for app release could be varied, but one stated, is that developers may prefer to bring the current apps to iPhone over Android because Apple lovers are not put off by paying for apps. The amount of revenue produced from apps is massive with Apple tending to take the market share, so if Android users at some time are more than happy to pay for apps, then the trend will continue for apps to arrive first to Apple devices such as the iPhone.

Are you waiting for Instagram on Android, or even Temple Run?


9 thoughts on “Instagram for Android waiting agony like Temple Run”

  1. Laurnjx says:

    Tired of waiting! id be willing to pay! Just hurry up… that’s ridiculous that I have to buy a different phone just for an app..

  2. DeWayne Lehman says:

    My personal feelings? If they can’t show the largest audience any love, I won’t show them any when they do eventually capitulate.  I’ll never, ever use Instagram, if for no other reason than they are obviously unable to seriously support their app. Makes them look like a 2bit company.

  3. This was one of the most horribly written articles I have ever seen. There is little sense of organization, and sentences themselves often make no sense, or even contradict themselves. WOW.

  4. Edjr977 says:

    That’s not the reason. This article is horrible. There are plenty of free apps on iPhone as there is on Android. No one wants to pay for apps and Instagram is a free app. The reason for the long waits with Android is because of the many different versions and constant updates. Going from Froyo to Ice Cream Sandwich in less than year’s time is ridiculous. It’s like Apple and and its versions of the iPad and iPhone coming out in less than a year. Its hard to build a program when some phones won’t update to the newest software. So building a program to be compatible with new and old OS is pretty time consuming. You should think about getting a new career because Tech Journalism isn’t working out for you. Besides the company that made Instagram has only six employees and two are assigned to work on the Android Instagram app.

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