Temple Run for Android receives angry comments

Users of the iOS platform have been enjoying the game Temple run for a while now, but for users of the Android platform it’s a different matter. The game was thought to be coming to Android in February but that has obviously been and gone now. Temple Run for Android has received a number of angry comments from users tired of waiting for the game to release.

The high anticipation for the game has seen some fake versions being put up on the Android Market to further frustrate fans. This led the developers to release a statement via its Facebook page warning of the scam, as well as mention the game is taking longer than expected to be released. They went on to say the game is in beta testing but they wanted to make sure everything was as it should be before releasing.

Luckily when the game is ready for release fans have been promised at least one week’s notice. This has led to a number of angry comments from Android users waiting for the game, and some have suggested users should be treated to some free coins once the game is released. Some are even thinking of getting an iPod Touch so the game can be played before the next big thing comes along, and all the Temple Run fuss has disappeared.

Some are so angry they are even considering taking the extreme measure of switching platforms and leaving Android for the iPhone. A reader commented that he knew of many iPhone users enjoying the game but the novelty of it has now worn off and they have moved on to other things. Others are not bothered about the game now so may not even download it when once it becomes available.

It is important though the developers get the game right before releasing, as having a game riddled with flaws will frustrate users even more. But it just seems the developers are taking ages getting the game released for the huge number of Android fans that want the game. What do you think Android users should get for waiting so long for Temple Run?


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  1. Marcjfisher says:

    I think the that many iphone users have already tired from the game. Waited to long to release something good. I’m switching to an iPhone now since they can obviously put out good games before the hype is over. Thanks android

    1. Jaden says:

      Thanks android? you obviously know nothing about anything do you? how is this androids fault in anyway? its the developers of the game not the OS of the phone. go learn something about technology and software and how companies work, android have nothing to do with what the developers of the game can do.
      temple runs developers obviously are trying their best to make their game work with a new OS (operating system) which they are either unfamiliar with or they are having major issues. either way dont downgrade a great software such as android just because you are way to impatient and obviously with that previous statement dont know the first thing about apps and the developers.

      1. true. apple just has a better development group. thats why they have so many apps. they also have more since it has been around longer. only downside to android….app dev

  2. Az says:


  3. CodeNameRedNeck says:

    Sounds like a lot of people are thinking they are entitled to things. It is not like they paid any money for the game upfront. If you do not want to wait for something else to do, learn to write code and do it yourself.

    1. Anonymous says:

      They get paid to make the game free on iOS. It is the consumers who made this game what it is today. So I think i’m pretty much entitled to be upset over this.

  4. Bubbagump says:

    the ignorance is strong here….
    but i agree…. when you look at the number of android devices out there vs. ios, i am surprised that games arent developed for both systems. i get it, developers want to be in the apple app store… but the exposure would be so much more if it was developed for android!!

    1. Jamdam says:

      That is exactly the reason why games are sometimes solely developed for IOS, there are so many different android phones each with different capabilities that it’s hard to create a game that functions well on all of them. Apple only have a limited number of IOS products, less system capabilities to consider when creating the game.

  5. brett says:

    Its really sad when people have nothing better to do then to wait and complain over a free game on there phone. Whats even worse is when they want free stuff because they think the developers owe them something for waiting. Go outside and do something you lazy degenerate peckerheads.

    1. Az says:

      And its also sad that people like you have nothing better to do than to go to each article and complain over people who have been waiting for 2 months and been fooled by things claiming that they were the actual game. What’s worse is that people like u can never shut your mouths. So why don’t u as well go outside and do something u lazy inconceivable brat.

  6. stfu says:

    well even though its taking a while the wait makes the game that much better when yu download it so keep the mean comments to yourself and act like big kids nd be patient

  7. androidRock says:

      I got all the good game android have and i’m having a blast. So yeah I can wait for it no sweat off my back. There too many thing a android phone can do that a iphone can’t. I would never tray my phone for an iphone never that all I got to say.

  8. androidftw says:

    Any android user switching to an iphone for one game is not a true android user. But free coins would be nice! Or an extra feature that is exclusive to android. Like a power up, or character or something that’d be cool.

  9. Swimthepools says:

    free coins and wallpapers or one free character I have been waiting FOREVER and downloaded every app about temple run except the scams. I love the game so HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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