Mobile touchscreens without the touch via gestures

Obviously the biggest leap in mobile phone tech in the past was the arrival of touch screen technology heralding in the era of the smartphone and dragging having to press physical buttons to do anything out of the game in favour of multi-touch and gestures, but what next for the smartphone touch screen?

Well what we have for your viewing consideration below is a couple of videos courtesy of the guys over at Android Authority by way of Phandroid, YouTube user MrTROLLEEN that show the possibility of the future of the touch screen.

Is as much as the touch screen not having to be touched by rather using gesture tracking by way of a handset or tablet’s camera such as in the Nolia Touch Free Gestures footage and the Nemopsys WDC2012 footage below.

Apparently the Nolia tech uses electrostatic fields to track the users finger movements, although apparently the tech is still in its rudimentary stage and apparently not only does the device detect 2D motion of your finger but can also do so at a distance.

Anyway I won’t spoil your enjoyment of the videos by continuing and just let you head on down to mash those play buttons, and ask the question, do you think that touch less gestures are the future of touch screen technology and would you love it on your smartphone or tablet?

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