Fake iPhone leads to a killing

Although we usually inform readers about new and upcoming products the story we have for you today is a little different. Yes, it involves an Apple iPhone but it also involves the killing of a man who was selling fake iPhones in China.

It seems a certain Mr. Feng purchased a fake iPhone from a street vendor believing it to be the genuine article. The vendor approached Mr. Feng while he was looking in a mobile phone store and said that if Feng had any doubts that it was a genuine device he could take it into the store for verification. When Feng looked at the phone though, he felt it was exactly the same as the iPhone and purchased it from the street vendor for 2000 yuan. However in the course of the transaction the iPhone Feng was shown was swapped for a different phone. When Feng quickly realized his mistake the seller had already fled the scene. Feng returned later that day to the 27 Plaza in Zhengzhou in a bid to find the man who sold him the fake device, armed with a kitchen knife

Business Insider reports that on his return Mr. Feng found a group of dealers selling fake phones and saw a young man buy another that looked similar to the one he had been given, also for 2000 yuan. The group quickly fled and Mr. Feng and the young man chased them. Deducing that this was a group of associates of the man who had sold him his fake iPhone, Feng demanded the money be returned. One of the dealers then gave back the 2000 yuan to the young man who then left.

However Feng returned again to the 27 Plaza a few days later and on coming across the same group again they allegedly provoked him and began to beat him. Feng allegedly took his knife and stabbed a man in the chest and abdomen and this man, Zhang Guofeng, was later taken to hospital. Feng then ran after another man and stabbed his legs several times. By the time police arrived at the scene the vendor was already dead, although he was not actually the same man who sold Mr. Feng his dodgy device. The man who died, named Li, received a cut to his right leg that severed a major artery leading to excessive bleeding.

Apparently the case is still under police investigation but it certainly seems from this report that a fake iPhone was at the root of the incident that resulted in a one man’s death and another being taken to hospital with stab wounds. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this cautionary tale so let us have your comments on the fake iPhone seller killing.

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