Talks on Apple iCar infotainment system

As most know, Apple gear simply loves talking to Apple gear and many of the iOS faithful would say this is the reason they are so loyal to Apple, and no doubt they would love Apple gear in every part of their lives, and perhaps one area of their life Apple could expand to is the in-car infotainment system area, something that could possibly already be on the horizon.

According to an article over on Daily Finance, by way of LinkedIn China, the word is Apple could possibly already be in talks with car manufacturers to deliver an Apple iCar infotainment system.

According to the LinkedIn China posing Apple is seeking a quality engineer with over four years experience in mechanical engineering and familiar with CNC/die casting/ stamping/plastic injection who can use APQP/PPAP/SPC.

Apparently Jalopnik, a car website suggests that Apple could be looking for an engineer to help make an Apple device to fit in a car’s dash, but does emphasis that “could be” part and doesn’t in any way shape or form confirm they are, but does say it is possible.

Obviously as everyone knows Apple’s rep for remaining tight lipped with anything to do with future developments until such times as they are good and ready to let word out, and confirmation of an iCar infotainment system in the making isn’t going to be confirmed by Apple anytime soon.

Thus the iCar infotainment system for the moment falls into the very thin rumour category and should be treated as such, but would you like Apple to branch out into the in-car infotainment system arena in future?

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