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For those who enjoy captivating crime tales we have news today of a great app that should provide the excitement and style you’re looking for. The app is Crime — The Motion Comic 1.0 for iOS and Android, telling a tale of sex, drugs, violence and greed.

Crime — The Motion Comic version 1.0 from the Stardus Group is set in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York and is an adaptation of the Crime graphic novel series that came out in 1995. This is gritty realism at its best with tales of drug lords, crack cocaine, corrupt narcotics agents and the drug trade and underworld of the 1980’s and features stylized graphical elements side-by-side with up-to-the-minute editing, visual effects and sound effects. There’s no dialogue track so users must read the text of the comic in subtitles and hear the dialogue in their heads, enabling them to get deeply involved in the experience.

A mix of still illustration, video, digital art and photography, Crime — The Motion Comic combines to produce a media tale in the style of its creator Stedroy Cleghorne and revolutionizes comic book sequential art. A thought provoking and powerful tale of betrayal and murder following 4 kilos of cocaine through a neighborhood, this takes a realistic view of the drug scene in New York City and not only entertains but educates. The artist said, “I consider the motion comic the evolution of the graphic novel,” adding, “The goal is to keep the traditional feel of the comic book, combined with the latest technology for a unique cinematic experience.”

Some of the main characters of Crime — The Motion Comic are Drug Enforcement Agency agent Hoss, Jamaican-born druglord Palm and an ambitious new guy who plans to take over from Palm called Sinister. The app costs $1.99 and you can download the 59.2MB iOS version at the iTunes link here for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using iOS 4 or later. You must be 17 years old or above. The Android version is available from this Android Market link. You can also watch a video trailer right here, enjoy.

Will you be downloading Crime — The Motion Comic on Android or iOS? What is it about this style of modern comic adaptation that you enjoy?

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