Google search new “Recent” icon for Android & iPhone

Today we have some news for you about a new Google initiative, the addition of a ‘Recent’ icon for Android and iPhone. This addition could really add to users local search experience across various devices and we reckon it could be a useful new extra.

If you often look for information on Google Search about a place before you visit, you’ll find that the next time you head to Google.com on your mobile device the new ‘Recent’ icon will be in place. When you search for a place you’ll be able to easily access info on directions, calling, or further information with just one tap on the new icon.

To use the new feature the Google blog advises you need to have Web History enabled and be logged into Google while making your search. You can search for a place on your PC or another device and then head to Google.com’s mobile homepage and hit the ‘Recent’ icon. Information about the searched place will remain under the icon for around one day and you’ll be able to view info on any of your recently searched places across any of your devices.

As long as you have recently searched for a place then, there’s no need to consider not remembering the phone number or address, as the ‘Recent’ icon will show everything you need. Google announced a new privacy policy in January and part of that included allowances to “combine personal information” over different devices and services. Cnet points out that this new initiative fits in very tidily with that policy but that some felt that it was giving Google too many rights while others thought it was simply more “user-friendly.”

It’s certainly an interesting extra to Google’s service and we want to hear what you think. Do you approve of the new ‘Recent’ icon and think it will be useful? Alternatively you may feel that it’s another privacy intrusion?


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  1. taxman says:

    on my android phone, the market icon is gone but no google paly replaced. how do i get the google play on my phone so i can download apps>

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