iPad 3 Countdown: Most wanted upgrade feature – Update

The countdown is now on until the first appearance of the Apple iPad 3 and as you can probably tell we’re pretty excited. The big announcement takes place tomorrow and you can bet we’ll be bringing you all the developments along the way. However, while we still have to wait a little longer we thought we’d take the opportunity to ask our readers what upgraded or new features they most want to see on the next iPad.

Many people will have their own ideas, depending on how they use their tablets, as to just what features are the most important to them. Photography enthusiasts will probably think an improved camera is the most important feature while constant users may yearn for a longer-lasting battery. We have written many times now about the most rumored specs and features for the iPad 3 and as a short reminder we’ll say that those include an A6 or A5X processor (possibly quad-core), better camera, 4G LTE connectivity, Siri voice assistant, improved battery and possibly the most expected upgrade of all, a Retina Display with full 1080p HD.

We should point out that as always Apple has managed to keep its next major product very highly guarded and so all specs and features that have so far been reported are unconfirmed and based on leaks and rumor. However, we feel that many of the upgrades above are more than likely and of course there’s not too much longer to wait until we find out for sure. Even the name is still under wraps and although we’ve been referring to the upcoming iPad as the iPad 3 it has also been reported that it may have the iPad HD moniker instead, or indeed something completely different.

So what upgraded feature would you rate most highly? The choice of an improved display, processor, cameras and more will be easy for some while others of you may be expecting all of the above. You many not even be interested in a new feature so much as a lower price or perhaps a smaller iPad. It’s also possible of course that you have no interest in purchasing the iPad 3 as you are an Android enthusiast and couldn’t be persuaded to move to the iOS platform no matter what the new iPad offers.

This is something we’d really like to hear from readers about to get a general idea of the most popular addition for the iPad 3. Let us have your ideas then. Do you want to see one of the above and place far more importance on that rather than anything else? Are you hoping for everything that’s rumored? Or maybe you’ve thought of something that you’d like to see featured on the iPad 3 that we haven’t mentioned at all? Let us have all your comments about your iPad 3 wishes.

UPDATE: Apple Store is down – read here

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