iPad HD not iPad 3 according to reliable source

Tomorrow we will finally see what the next version of the iPad will bring to the table with the special Apple event. The device has often been referred to as the iPad 3 even though nothing has ever come from Apple, and now a reliable source is suggesting the device will be called the iPad HD.

This is not the first time the iPad HD name has been mentioned, but a developer who has been reliable in the past with information has told Cnet the tablet PC will be known as the iPad HD. This falls in line with previous reports after some cases made by Griffin were spotted using the iPad HD name.

One thing that isn’t clear though is if anyone else is already using the name, as while Apple have the rights to the iPad name in the US, the company is currently having legal issues in China over the name. But someone has already beaten Apple to the iPadHD.com domain name, and according to the site the owner registered it ahead of the original device being launched in 2010.

The owner has also said that Apple never contacted him about the domain in all the years he has owned it, and iPadHD.biz has also been taken but is placed at a company that allows bids for the domain. You’ll find iPadHD.co.uk has also been registered since February 2010 and is available for bidding, even though these domain names are already owned it doesn’t mean Apple won’t make a move on them.

It did something similar with Cisco and the iPhone brand, which led to a legal battle that was eventually settled. The company has also snapped up iCloud.com from another rival company for its cloud based offering last year.

Using a name such as iPad HD makes sense if the rumors with the upcoming device display are accurate. It has been claimed the device is coming with a Retina Display that will have much more pixel density compared to the current model.

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