Kickstarter project: Instaprint for Instagram photos

At Phones Review we’re big fans of Kickstarter, a platform where people can pitch their ideas for products in a bid to gather funding and hopefully put that product into production. A financial target is set to raise funds in a certain timeframe and this time the product we have news for you about is Instaprint, a location based photo booth for Instagram.

We recently informed readers about a Kickstarter project for Zooka, an iPad speaker dock, which was very close to its target and also the Miveu-X, an iPhone photography mount, which was a little further away from its target. We’re pleased to say that we’ve just checked with Kickstarter and found that both of those projects gained the full funding necessary. The Instaprint project we’re telling you about today comes from a small company called BREAKFAST and is rather larger than the previous projects we’ve mentioned. There’s backing of $500,000 needed so we’ll give you some information on what Instaprint offers.

Prototype devices of Instaprint have already been at various events since it was launched last year. Shop openings, product launches, parties and events such as the Grammys have all hosted Instaprint devices but to make the development from a prototype to a mass consumer product is a major step. The general idea of Instaprint is that everyone at a party or an event can tag their Instagram images appropriately and the photos will then be printed on inkless paper. Simply set Instaprint to look for a specific location or hashtag and it’s a great way to share special days such as a wedding, or any special gathering.

The special inkless technology means no constant replacement of cartridges as the color is extracted from the actual paper. The Instaprint photo booths can also be daisy chained to share power and connectivity. These set-ups require one booth that has a controller and Wi-Fi module and the other Instaprints can be controller-free. It features a simple Wi-Fi set up whereby the first time Instaprint is powered up users will see it as a Wi-Fi network on their devices.

For hosting event galleries there’s Instaprint.me, which also allows users to do other things such as setting locations and hashtags for events. People who attended particular events can then see all the prints associated with that event in one place online. You can see much more information on Instaprint at Kickstarter here including tech specs such as dimensions, power, paper capacity, set up requirements and what comes in the box and also incentives for different amounts of backing. To date there are 174 backers raising funding of $40,402 with 54 days to go and there is a minimum $1 pledge. You can also view a video about Instaprint below our story.

What are your thoughts on Instaprint for Instagram photos? Does this sound like a great idea for future events or parties that you will be attending? Maybe you’ll even be backing the project? Why not let us know.


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