Looking into Temple Run for Android official March release: Update

Users of the Android platform have been waiting patiently for the release of the hugely successful Temple Run game, as users of the iOS platform have been enjoying for a while now. Originally the game was promised to be coming last month, and the delay led to a number of angry comments from users of the platform, and now we are looking into the Temple Run for Android Official March release.

A press release is currently doing the rounds that is allegedly revealing a release date of March 27th for the game, which has led to a number of websites to report the news. Intomobile for instance are reporting the date along with the fact that the iOS version has been downloaded over forty million times since its release.

The guys over at the Android Community are also reporting the news about the date as well, and that Temple Run will be available as a free download just as it is for iOS users. Previously though the team behind the game said they would break the news about the release date on its official Facebook page, and at least a week in advance.

We have checked this and have found it has not been updated since the last post warning users about the number of fake Temple Run apps appearing on the Android Market. So there is a chance this press release is just another nasty trick at the expense of Android users waiting for the game. If the release date is true even though it is a few weeks away, at least Android fans will have a date they can pencil in.

If all goes well in the next few hours the official Facebook page will be updated with that all important release date. Do you think the release date is genuine?

UPDATE: Just to let everyone know, the Temple Run Facebook page has now been updated, which means it is now official for android.


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