Motorola, Google merger & data win for Apple

There’s some news today about the Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility as it seems the merger will provide a data win for Apple. A judge has ruled that as well as details of the merger both Google and Motorola must give information about Android development to Apple.

This will certainly displease Google but it’s a big bonus for Apple, which has been trying to attain Google data for some time as it fights Motorola in the courts over patent issues. Motorola of course, produces devices that use Google’s Android operating system and the first trial involving Apple and Motorola is scheduled to take place on June 11.

Yesterday U.S. Circuit Court Judge Richard A. Posner ordered that Android development information be handed to Apple by Google and Motorola according to Cnet, citing Bloomberg which attained court documents. The judge also ordered that Google must give further information about its $12.5 billion deal with Motorola, to Apple. The same judge will be presiding over the June 11 jury trial between Apple and Motorola where Motorola is alleged to have violated six Apple patents. Further to that another trial will be held with the same judge where it is claimed that Apple infringed three Motorola patents.

Google would have preferred not to become entangled in the dispute but as the company took over Motorola patents it has been dragged into existing cases. To be frank, it’s difficult to know where the Apple and Motorola dispute is going and the fact that so many resources are being ploughed into court cases that may end up in a stalemate seems rather pointless to many.

The fact that Google and Motorola are now having to hand over Android information to Apple is likely to exacerbate the issue even further and all three companies may have done better to take a step back from the current situation. We’d like to hear your take on the Apple and Google/Motorola dispute so let us have your comments about where you think it will all end.


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  1. Kev says:

    I think Apple are worried that they can not hold position in the over the next few year, because there are to many companies out there who are equal if not better

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