Android’s AirAttack game now on Blackberry PlayBook

If you happen to be one of the BlackBerry faithful out there with a BlackBerry PlayBook and enjoy playing aerial combat shooter games you might like to learn that you can now get some Android gaming action on your BlackBerry slate in the form of AirAttack, which has recently been released on the BlackBerry market by Union.

The AirAttack app for the BlackBerry PlayBook offers the gamer superb graphics, and a great orchestral soundtrack, along with eight sky shooting missions that have you playing a wartime pilot, and go up against more than 50 enemies and eight bosses.

The AirAttack app for BlackBerry also features destructible environments for those gamers that love destroying everything and anything, and give you the necessary power to defeat the enemy, collect power-boosting upgrades and unlock experimental weapons.

With the AirAttack app you can take to the skies in a plane and search the clouds in an effort to not get shot down, and/or seek out your enemies and shoot them from the skies before they can get you.

For those that would like to give the AirAttack game a whirl on their BlackBerry Playbook, we have a quick demonstration video of the game for your viewing pleasure courtesy of the guys over at Crackberry, and once viewed you can head on over to BlackBerry App World and grab your copy of AirAttack for US$2.99…enjoy.

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