Complete iOS 5.1 Gold Master (9B176) prompts assumption

For the past three weeks, the iOS 5.1 Gold Master build has been in the vigorously quality assurance stage along with Apple extensively testing internally along with testing being carried out by partners and carriers, and is said to bring he Japanese language to Siri amongst other features.

According to the guys over at Chronic Wire, they say a solid source says iOS 5.1 Gold Master is 9B176 (codenamed Hoodoo), however apparently 3 partners that are also testing iOS 5.1 Gold Master claim they have slightly differing build numbers.

Apparently some tech blogs have also claimed that already have a copy of the build, but as Apple is not currently signing the Gold Master firmware on their external servers, these tech blog copies must be leaked versions.

However, according to the guys, these leaked screenshot must have come from an Apple device from someone who is actually testing iOS 5.1 Gold Master, and say that means they are going to be hard to find until an official release that shouldn’t be to far off, as the guys say the firmware is now ready for release presumable before the release of the Apple iPad 3.

Seeing as the iOS 5.1 Gold Master (Build 9B176) is apparently complete, it kind of makes sense, seeing as the iPad 3 in releasing within the next week or so don’t you agree?

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