Facebook down prompts Google+ response

Many social networkers have experienced Facebook being down today, and we have received many emails of this, so we decided to look into it a little further. Facebook users will have had problems in Africa, Europe and the Middle East; it does not seem to be global.

We received many emails from those in Spain, Iceland, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, UK, Sweden, Germany and a few other countries notifying us of the outage. We decided to try access facebook via website and apps on our iOS and Android devices, and we could not enter.

Even though Facebook is up and running again, some are still having problems and we would like to hear from you. There are reports via email that it was a DNS problem, Facebook put a message up online stating “Today we experienced technical difficulties causing the site to be unavailable for a number of users in Europe. The issue has been resolved and everyone should now have access to Facebook. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Earlier on this morning Mark Chubb (that is me) via Phones Review put a message up on the Google+ social network, and the responses started pouring in. The message said, “Looks like Facebook is down – Google+ 1 – Facebook no like” and below is what followers said, we have taken names out due to privacy reasons.

The Reponses:

07:54 – I have managed to get the login page open now but it took a long time

07:54 – Could be these guys behind Facebooks blackout: http://rt.com/usa/news/anonymous-facebook-cbs-loic-493/

07:54 – I wish everyone I know would realise how much better the Google+ app is and leave Facebook so I never had to use it again.

07:57 – I thought that too, then I realised, why would they come to G+ when they can still connect with me on FB. So I decided to tell everyone that I was leaving FB and going to G+, and then I closed down my account

07:57 – I thought anonymous were after iTunes this month? blackmarch n all that

07:58 – Are you able to login to FB (I don’t have an account to test)

07:58 – The volume of the user is by now the only problem of G+ I use primary G+ but cant leave FB just because lot of people live there…

08:00 – I would try that but some people I know stubbornly refuse to sign up for Google

08:01 – Yeah it seems to be working fine for me

08:02 – They will change their mind if everyone else left FB

08:05 – I get the sneaky feeling that a mass exodus is coming, hopefully the day before he floats it

08:07 – I would love it if people left FB by the masses but I don’t think this will happen

08:22 – I deleted my fb account and i use g+

09:16 – Why are so many people here anti-facebook & wishing for a mass exodus from FB to G ? I use both of them but more of FB.

09:20 – I never really liked Facebook and only joined begrudgingly to start with, seems they get a lot out of me for very little in return but googles products on the other hand…

09:26 – I only joined because everyone else did. I hated it, the fact that everything you post is shown to family, friends, work mates, boss and partner. It meant that sensitive or shy people would not post anything where as the loud mouth idiot is constantly writing posts. It is like the Jerry springer show, I have wanted the site to die for ages and I hope G+ does the job

09:31 – G+ is the best

Please do comment below if you experienced Facebook being down?


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