AT&T iPhone 4S gets 4G icon via iOS 5.1

If you are one of the iOS faithful you’ll no doubt know that other than Apple dishing the dirt on the ‘new iPad’ (strange name to call it), the latest operating system for Apple, iOS 5.1 is now available and apart from delivering a new camera shortcut, Japanese for Siri and a new camera app for the iPad, it appears something else has arrive with iOS 5.1 just for the AT&T iPhone 4S.

According to the guys over at iDownload Blog, by way of Digeratti, it appears that the new iOS 5.1 update has delivered a 4G indicator for the iPhone 4S on AT&T and although the iPhone 4S doesn’t actually support 4G apparently AT&T can claim the iOS smartphone is 4G because it has HSPA+.

I’m sure everyone will know that the iPhone 4S doesn’t actually pack a 4G chip, so it more than likely a marketing ploy by AT&T albeit somewhat deceiving wouldn’t you agree?

Apparently with the release of the iOS 5.1it is only the AT&T iPhone 4S that has received this 4G indicator and both the Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4S do not show 4G, so although it might be a nice touch on the AT&T version it obviously doesn’t indicate that the AT&T iPhone 4S is actually a 4G smartphone.

I can’t really see the point of iOS 5.1 bringing a 4G indicator to the AT&T model and not other models unless AT&T has made some kind of deal with Apple to deceive potential new AT&T iPhone customers, might as well slap a 4G indicator in all HSPA+ capable handsets and say they are 4G.


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  1. Guest says:

    At& t ‘s 4G Internet is live in 28 cities dude. While it might not technically be 4G, at least you can tell if it’s using HSPA+ or LTE now. Think about it. What did you want them to display? The 5 letter HSPA+ ? Is there room for that?

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