Joy at Temple Run for Android official release

We’ve been following the saga of the Temple Run for Android release for some time and finally two days ago we were able to give readers a definitive release date of March 27, as confirmed by developers. Today we’ve been looking at reaction to the news and there’s an awful lot of joy out there about the announcement.

Previously we’d told how the ongoing delays were becoming more and more frustrating for the many keen gamers who were waiting for Temple Run on the Android platform. Increasingly people were becoming less tolerant about the situation, especially as there were several fake Temple Run Android apps released, some purporting to be the real thing. The developers of the game then posted a message on the Temple Run official Facebook page cautioning people about the fake apps, asking for patience and saying they would post a release date on Facebook giving at least a week’s notice. Finally two days ago a press release was issued with the March 27 release date, followed shortly afterwards by confirmation on the Temple Run Facebook page (where you can also see the press release).

Since then there have been over two thousand comments on Facebook to the news that the game is finally on its way, so long after it was made available for iOS gamers. We have to say that the vast majority seem to very glad at the release date news and over 9,000 people have ‘liked’ the Facebook post. Some though feel the due release date is still too far away and some feel it has come too late, after the original demand for Android Temple Run has died down. A few other commenters still seem to be quite angry about the whole affair, even though we now know that it will actually be here soon and it is a free app.

We can understand the frustration that some people still feel but as we pointed out previously, it’s better that Imangi Studios took the time to get the game on Android right, before its release. If Temple Run on Android was finally launched and full of problems then it could have been even more exasperating surely? From today there are only 19 days more to wait and remember that when you head to the Android Market to get your download that it has now been rebranded the Google Play Store. You can read more about that in our previous article here.

We always like to know what our readers think so let us know if you’re in the joyful camp of Android gamers who are just pleased that the game is coming later this month. Alternatively you may be one of those in the ‘should have come sooner’ camp and have lost interest in Temple Run?


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