iPhone 5 to follow iPad and be just ‘New’

One does have to say that it came as a bit of surprise that Apple in their infinite wisdom decided to drop the number for the latest iPad and opt to simply go with the ‘New iPad’, as everyone expected Apple’s latest iOS slate to be called the Apple iPad 3, so what about when it comes to the next iPhone?

As you are no doubt aware, the tech world currently refers to the next iOS smartphone as the iPhone 5, simply because it stands to reason 5 follows 4, but with Apple dropping the succession number with the new iPad, perhaps the iPhone 5 will comes simply as the ‘New iPhone.”

Well according to the guys over at Stuff.TV, the guys over at 9to5 Mac heard from an unnamed “reliable source” some two weeks ago, that Apple is going to call the presumed iPhone 5, the new iPhone.

So it would appear that the iPhone 5 might never actually surface as the iPhone 5, but rather simply the new iPhone, something that to me at least seems somewhat strange, as how does one actually differentiate between future iPhone models if they are all simply known as the new iPhone?

In the past that differentiation was simple, you either own a 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, but if Apple does deliver the ‘new iPhone” will all future iPhones simply be called “new iPhone” and if so when asked what version do you have, you’d have to reply…the new iPhone.

In future, if Apple does drop the 5 from the iPhone 5 and simply calls future handsets new iPhone it could become very confusing, so why not simply just stick with the naming of the iPhone as in the past with a suffix or opt to go with the iPhone 2012, iPhone 2013 and so on.

Do you think it would be strange and confusing in future if Apple does go ahead and just call the next iPhone…new iPhone? After all it would be like Samsung calling every Galaxy model simply the new Galaxy, no one would know which version was which, confusing or what?


8 thoughts on “iPhone 5 to follow iPad and be just ‘New’”

  1. Jake says:

    I feel it a shame that it was called “The New iPad” Unless apple have something up their sleeve for the next generation of iPad, i think it’s a great let down, why not call it the iPad 2S?
    If the next generation of the iPhone, is called “The New iPhone”, not the “iPhone 5” i as a apple lover will be extremely disappointed, as i already have been from the recent iPad.

  2. Dirtypuns says:

    Think about it. Most of the time when someone asks another person about a newly acquired phone the colloquially they say ” is that the new (insert phone name here)?” so it’s actually a pretty good naming idea because people have already been using it for years now. It’s a name that will stick because it already has.

  3. Userr says:

    I can see where this is going, but do you really think they care? Consumers will still purchase it regardless of what name it’s given. And, as far as them knowing what model it is for “support”, I’m sure a serial number is sufficient.

  4. Erroneous says:

    Uhm, really? Apple already have products that aren’t labelled with alphanumerical sequences. It’s not that hard to figure out which generation/revision of an apple product you have. And I think it would be ridiculous once the iPhone runs into double digits; an iPhone 15S just sounds like the device is getting old. I don’t think Apple wants you to differentiate between models. They would very much like you to buy every new model.

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