iPhone 4 / 4S Cases: Mind blowing Rokbed V3

Mobile phone cases are big business in the accessory world, being one of the first additions that any new device owner heads for when purchasing the latest handset. Here at Phones Review, we try to keep you posted on a range of protective extras to shroud your loved one, and today is no exception.

Normally noted for their metal coverings for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Rokform have steered themselves in the direction of a sturdy plastic offering named the Rokbed V3. Tapscape managed to lay their hands on one at Macworld 2012, and reported how impressive the case looked.

Wrapping itself around your device, the V3 offers solid protection and with the optional anti-slip insert, you need not worry about the odd drop as the rubber extra will soften the blow. Now while the V3 helps with the knocks and bangs, it does leave the screen without a guard, so a screen protector could well be on the cards.

Don’t let this little issue pull you away from the Rokbed though, as hidden in the V3 design is a clever “locking mechanism.” This allows you to attach your device to various things from the Rokform website. Extras like the V3 Tripod Mount or belt clip, give this case a head start over some of the other offerings on the market.

With 12 colors to choose from, and priced at $39, the Rokform V3 is certainly worth a look. Tell us what attracts you when choosing a new phone case?

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