Samsung accused of court order violation by Apple

It seems that Apple simply doesn’t want to let go of Samsung’s throat when it comes to their legal battles, and the latest development in the infringement fight between Apple and Samsung is that Apple is accusing Samsung of violating a court order by failing to comply with making their source code available.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear, by way of Bloomberg, old Sammy has apparently only made available to Apple the source code of just one infringing Samsung device, and has apparently withheld the source code to their other devices.

December the 31st was the deadline for Samsung to hand over the source code, but only delivered one, and now Apple says that even if Sammy delivered the source code for their other products, Apple would not have sufficient time to analyse it so they can build their case.

The trail date is scheduled for the 25th of August, with expert reports due in under two-weeks, and as such Apple is asking the court to not allow Samsung to rely on source code that the company has failed to deliver whilst at trial.

Apple further says that they wish to build a case against every infringing product and due to the lack of source code are unable to do so, and as such they want the delivered source code to be “representative of all version of that product.”

I’m sure most already know what has gone on between Apple and Samsung over this dispute in the past, with Samsung gear being banned at times, and it looks like Apple isn’t going to let up any against Samsung in the foreseeable future, so this infringement battle looks set to continue for quite a while yet, and look set to become quite nasty.


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