The Khan Academy complete library for iPad

If you are an iOS tablet user that simply loves learning about things, especially for free then the Khan Academy app for the iOS platform might just be right up your street, because this little iOS app is the best way to view the Khan Academy’s complete library of over 2700 videos.

With the Khan Academy app for the Apple iPad the user can spend time brushing up on important stats, learn about the fundamentals of computer science, prepare for an upcoming SAT, find out how the Krebs cycle works, and just about anything else.

The Khan Academy iOS app offers downloadable videos whereby the user can grab an entire playlist of videos or take them individually and watch them offline, the ability to track you progress by logging into your Khan Academy user account to gain credit for watching the videos and view your achievements.

The Khan Academy app also offers the ability to follow along, go back or skip ahead by navigating the subtitles, and apparently exercises will be added soon, and covers a wide range of topics including biology, chemistry, physics, K-12 math, and humanities including history and finance.

So whether you are a principal, teacher, home schooler, student, or an adult returning to education the Khan Academy app for iOS material and resources are available to you by hitting up iTunes and downloading the Khan Academy app for free.

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