Registration for Google I/O 2012 kicks off March 27

If you have an interest in the annual Google I/O Developer Conference then you should make a note on your calendar. We have just learned that registration for Google’s I/O 2012 will kick off on March 27 and seeing how quickly tickets for the event sold out last year you’ll need to be on the ball.

Last year the conference event tickets sold out within an hour and as registration this year begins at 7am PDT on March 27 you should be up bright and early. A general admission ticket will have a $900 price tag, that’s a significant increase of almost double last year’s cost. Also there is no early bird pricing available this time around. For students and faculty members, the tickets cost $300, $200 more than for last year. However the event this year is one day longer and spreads over three days.

Google guidelines for registration mean that only one ticket per person can be requested while any ticket transfers have to be approved by Google, according to Android Central. Also you can only register with access to Google+ and Google Wallet. This year the I/O conference runs from June 27 to June 29 and takes place at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco.

On March 27 head to this Google I/O 2012 registration page where applications are strictly first-come first-served. If last year is anything to go by there will be a lot of people who will be unable to get their tickets so if you want to attend this year we’ll wish you luck with your registration. Attendance is expected to be around 5,500 people.

If you want to know more about Google I/O then head to this Google FAQ page about the event which gives daily times, information about what the registration includes and much more. Are you intending to head to this year’s Google Developers Conference? What makes this event one not to miss?


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