Tesco new iPad price causes shockwaves

It’s only a week now since Apple revealed to the world the next version of their iPad tablet PC, and the device will be launching in only a couple of days as Apple retail stores are set to open at 8 am this coming Friday. Other retailers around the world will also be offering the tablet PC to consumers, but Tesco’s new iPad price causes shockwaves amongst customers.

What was obviously a mistake, supermarket giant Tesco listed a model of the new iPad on its website for the bargain price of £49.99, but as the BBC are reporting the company won’t really be offering such a huge discount for Apple’s new baby.

The version of the device listed for that price was the 4G 64GB model that will actually sell for £559 when it goes on sale later this week. Obviously news of the price quickly spread through social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and while most believed the deal too good to be true, some attempted to purchase the device.

There was a time when the website crashed as so many were trying to have a look at the deal, but as soon as the company heard about the mistake they quickly took the page down and promised to cancel orders and refund any money paid out by customers. A spokesman for the company said although they like to offer great value, “unfortunately this is an IT error that is currently being corrected”.

It is a common myth that retailers have to honour a price that is advertised online or instore, but in reality there is no law that states they have to, but sometimes retailers will as a goodwill gesture. It is a doubt though that at over £500 a time Tesco will be letting customers having the new iPad for £49.99, and Apple probably wouldn’t be too pleased either.

Did you see the listing for the £50 iPad?


3 thoughts on “Tesco new iPad price causes shockwaves”

  1. Me1234 says:

    People didnt see it as it wasnt search or brows-able – you had to know the catalogue number and enter it directly. People doing this surely knew it was a mistake and not a real offer as it was not actually available on the sit without going in via the code.

  2. Yvonne Wilson6124 says:

    Absolutely disgusted with service received from Tesco Corstorphine & customer services after buying an I pad which turned out to be faulty and they refused to replace it. Thank goodness for the  Apple store in Glasgow ( an 80 mile round trip). They recognised the fault within a few minutes and immediately replaced it.  Tesco could learn a lot about Customer Service from Apple.  

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