Possible Galaxy S3 feature could help the clumsy

Although it’s still uncertain as to when the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) will release there are plenty of rumors and tons of speculation about the upcoming smartphone to keep people interested. Back in February we told of the possibility that the Galaxy S3 would be waterproofed and today we have news that appears to make it more likely that the Galaxy S3 will indeed feature water resistance, something that could really help out the clumsy amongst us.

A company called P2i that specializes in water repellent gadgets is attempting to create an industry standard that all manufacturers would observe for phone use, when making devices water resistant. To this end it seems that P2i is already in the process of talks with major carriers and manufacturers about a water repellence standard of performance for use on smartphones.

P2i COO Eric Cohill told Tech Radar about the move and said that the company had been in discussions with U.S carriers to discuss the criteria to be used. Carriers would benefit from handsets needing less repairs and of course the customers would also benefit. Cohill went on to discuss talks outside the US saying, “There are several hundred pound gorillas in the phone industry, we’ve got the ‘fruity companies’ and the big Korean brands, and they’re all becoming interested [in our technology] as they don’t want to be second best in the market.”

The key words to concentrate on here are “big Korean brands” as Samsung is a South Korean company and of course makes the Galaxy S series of smartphones. This has led to people thinking that the Galaxy S3 really could be water resistant when it appears at last. Cohill also said that interest in making devices liquid repellent had really taken off this year and that at least one major carrier in the US was interested in an internal baseline for standards. In the future then, whether devices are water repellent or not could become a key factor in helping carriers choose which devices they want to carry.

One US manufacturer, Motorola, has already signed up with P2i to use its technology in its Life-Proof range of devices and we recently told of the Panasonic Eluga power smartphone that is waterproof and dustproof. As usage spreads and because we know that P2i is already in talks with Korean companies, it does look increasingly as though it could feature on the Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy S3 is already set to be a huge success and just some of the rumored features include a 4.8-inch HD display, an Exynos quad-core processor, improved camera and much more. The addition of water resistance though would be a bonus addition for the more clumsy among us who are prone to dropping or knocking our devices at inopportune times and plenty of you out there will know exactly what I mean by that.

Whether it will come in time for the Galaxy S3 is questionable but it certainly seems more likely with this latest news. Would you appreciate a water repellent smartphone? Do you hope that it comes to the Galaxy S3 or maybe you feel this is a bit of a gimmick that won’t appeal to many people? Why not let us know.


5 thoughts on “Possible Galaxy S3 feature could help the clumsy”

    1. Problem? says:

      or when you leave your house, and get caught in the rain, get it splashed on when you’re at the beach or near a pool enjoying the sun, or with friends whom you’re having lunch with accidentally knocks over their drink causing spillage over your phone… which will be NEVER

  1. Jens4nchez says:

    yes please…especially with my drooling1 yr old who can grab things in a flash… I have nightmares of her grabbing my phone and dropping it in the toilet

  2. Cargorunner says:

    fantastic idea, perfect for us motorcycle riders no more damaged phones, we are in a group of 80 and 30 of us would buy one tomorrow when they arrive (i wonder what the poor people will buy)

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