Google Nexus S Android ICS arriving soon

A few days ago Samsung took to its Facebook page to announce the availability of the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S2 smartphone, which would have left owners of the Nexus S wondering when they were to get in on the action. Now according to sources the Google Nexus will be receiving Android ICS soon.

A trusted source has contacted the guys over at Engadget and said the update will be finally arriving in the coming weeks, and although not confirmed by Samsung themselves you would have thought there would be some truth in the rumor.

Owners would obviously prefer to have an actual date for the software upgrade, but at least it looks like the new operating system is on its way for owners of the handset. The update was originally released for the Nexus S last December but it was soon pulled by Google after users complained of poor battery life.

There are a number of unofficial ROMs that have been made available for the device thanks to the XDA Developers for those that own the AWS version. While this is only a rumor it does finally seem the Android ICS operating system is finally gaining pace with its global rollout with HTC and Samsung seemingly getting their act together in recent weeks.

The software has gotten off to a slow start since it was first released late last year, and the Android platform is often criticized for its fragmentation with various handsets running different versions of the operating system.

Hopefully it won’t take long before the Nexus S ICS update is made official by the powers that be, and then it will just be a matter of getting around to the various carriers and regions to push the update out.

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5 thoughts on “Google Nexus S Android ICS arriving soon”

  1. GR says:

    Nexus s isn’t my first nexus phone, but it is my last.

    This “in a few weeks” announcement probably means a month, and even then, it will take them a month to “slowly roll it out”..

    That measns its going to be 2 months before I see it. Embarrassing.

  2. I have the Nexus S… I got the update in December, the phone was progressively getting worse so I sent it off to Samsung and they sent it back with Gingerbread on it!

    This will be my last Nexus. Sorry Google, you’ve ruined it this time.
    I don’t like any other Android interface or phone design, Samsung, HTC, Moto, LG, none of them appeal to me. I don’t like iPhones so I think I might have to go back to Windows Phone when I get another phone…

    It’s just not good enough Google.

  3. batahyas says:

     if google cant provide os update on his own create phone then i think its not worth to buy google phone…phone is cool but i think google need to provide os update first on his device then other phone company which i think google lack ..so its sucks

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