New iPad on Vodafone UK & alternative price plans

As you no doubt know, today is the big day when the new iPad becomes available, and for those iOS faithful over here in the United Kingdom that prefer to get their devices on the Vodafone network, you can now purchase your new iPad from Vodafone UK, and we have the new iPad price plans for your consideration below.

As of right now potential customers can purchase the new iPad 16GB from Vodafone UK for £199 based on a two-year agreement at 27 quid a month, for which you will receive a 2GB UK data allowance along with 1GB of Openzone. The 32GB new iPad on the same plan will cost £275 whilst the 64GB iPad will set you back £345.

Or if you prefer there is a SIM only option available for £15 per month with usage alert sent to your new iPad, and you get a 2GB UK data allowance along with 1GB of Openzone.

According to Vodafone the new iOS slate on their network offers “theoretical speeds” of up to 28.8Mbps in major cities, whilst up to 21.1Mbps in major towns.

A quick reminder of what the new iPad offers, an A5X chip wit quad core graphics, a new Retina Display, a 5 megapixel iSight camera, 1080p video and a battery said to deliver up to ten hours of life, other than that the new tablet is basically the same as the Apple iPad 2.

So we’d like to hear from our UK readers out there if they will be picking up the new iPad today and if so will you be going with Vodafone UK or another carrier?