BlackBerry 552 Error, choosing the right fix path

No matter what our choice of device is, there’s one thing that unites smartphone owners and that’s our dislike of those pesky error codes that pop up from time to time. If you own a BlackBerry, at some point you’re likely to have seen the infamous BlackBerry Error 552 message and today we can guide you to the right fix path.

Much of the time the BlackBerry Error 552 is caused by an application or some other software issue and the answer can be to use a hard reset on the device in question. This involves removing the device battery for a few seconds before putting it back in and can sometimes be enough to fix the issue with the device booting up as normal. However, occasionally users have to reload the device software as this may be the only solution.

Reloading the device software requires the use of a computer but if you can’t get to a computer then try a reset and then reload or update the device software as soon as you are able. If the Error 552 message persists and you decide you need to reload or update the software then CrackBerry has provided a useful set of instructions here. Amid the tutorial are guidelines that a new operating system install will take around 90 minutes. This is comprised of up to 60 minutes for the upgrade and another 30 minutes or so for catching up. Follow the instructions carefully and everything should go smoothly.

CrackBerry also tells how, if after performing a software reload the device still won’t start up or you have yet another error code, then you should follow a different set of instructions on how to reload the software to a nuked or bricked BlackBerry device. You can find those instructions here. Hopefully then, this will provide you with everything you might need to do should the dreaded Error 552 message ever crops up.

Have you ever seen the Error 552 message on your BlackBerry device? If so did any of these guidelines work for you?


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