iPhone paper napkin cases by Etsy: 150 designs

As with any popular smartphone device consumers are treated to a vast range of third party accessories, with some good and others that are not so useful. Owners of Apple’s iPhone are spoilt for choice when it comes to a case that not only looks stylish, but will also protect your valued handset from the bumps and scrapes life can sometimes throw at it, and today we have news of iPhone paper napkin cases by Etsy that has 150 different designs.

There is probably an iPhone case that is made from almost any material that is available, but as Cnet are reporting a paper napkin is not an obvious choice that many would think of away from the likes of leather or rubber amongst other materials. The unusual material is being used by a company based in Thailand and is being used for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases.

Paper napkins are often associated with people scribbling phone numbers on among other things, but they are now being turned into stylish iPhone cases by using a special manufacturing process called decoupage.

This special process uses a method of creating a mould by wrapping a form with a material or the paper napkin of your choice, before using a lacquer that will create layers of progressively tougher protection around that material. The iPhone cases from the company Nap Page are all handmade using that process from a variety of different and colourful napkin designs.

The process is neither difficult nor overly expensive and means there are a number of cases available for only $20, and you can see over 150 designs via the Nap Page Etsy store. There is a vast choice of designs that include the likes of countries flags to minimalist designs or colourful cases. What kind of case do you have for your iPhone?

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