Nokia N9 Firefox mobile browser update

With many smartphones users have the option of improving the experience they have with them with the addition of extra software and applications. The great Nokia N9 is no exception to that and now we have news of a Firefox mobile browser update.

Nokia N9 owners have been treated some nice goodies recently, and as an article over at Nokia Conversations is reporting, after the release of the firmware update PR1.2 comes a new version of Firefox, which also comes along with a Flash Player from Nokia that works as a plug-in for the browser.

This will offer users a web browsing experience that is closer to what is experienced on their desktop, with complex pages rendering in a similar way to what is seen on a full size PC. Viewing pages such as MSN or CNN there will no longer be gaps where the mobile browser can’t normally cope with the content.

Once the Flash Player is installed users will be able to access videos that are used by a variety of sites, as well as play games on sites such as Kongregate. While using the new version of Firefox is great for accessing the full version of websites, it does highlight the need for more mobile versions of websites to be built.

Some websites don’t shrink down to well on a small screen below 4-inches and can also be slow to fully load, especially when using 3G. Other impressive features of the Firefox update include the fact that multiple tabs are now supported and are displayed on the left hand side of the app. Over on the other side of the screen are the forward, back, settings, and favourite options, and means there is more room in the centre of the screen for the content.

Users can also synchronise the app with their Firefox account sharing all their bookmarks and passwords between the PC and handset, and also it even supports many of the add-ons found on the desktop version. Both the applications are free to download and it is advised installing Firefox ahead of the Flash Player, and if older versions of Firefox are installed on your N9 delete them first.

Do you use Firefox on your Nokia N9?


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  1. Jose Carranza says:

    Yes I do, it works pretty well with Flash content, however the built in browser does work better in mobile version of the websites and these are the one you would use in a regular basis. If are in the need of a full browsing experience then you can use FireFox and all the perks it has.

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