Talk to SimSimi for Android then add to Facebook

If you are one of the Android faithful out there you might be using the SimSimi app for Android, an application that is an advanced chatting robot that makes amusing conversations to engage with users, and when you start the app, SimSimi will greet you with a cheerful chat.

Apparently the SimSimi app for Android is a super robot with a fast response and a vocabulary that will grow with your input, and you can teach SimSimi your own words. If SimSimi has no data to answer from a previous message, SimSimi will reply “I have no response,” and you can then hit the “Teach” tab to instruct the robot in a pairs form of request and response, and once you teach the SimSimi robot a pair of words it will respond with that pair of words immediately.

The SimSimi app for Android devices received an update on the 16th of March to offer the user a cartoon style user interface along with the ability to login to Facebook.

For those Android users that haven’t already grabbed the SimSimi app for their device, you can download the application to your chosen Android device running Android 2.1 and above as a free download by hitting up Google Play.


201 thoughts on “Talk to SimSimi for Android then add to Facebook”

  1. Olleh30 says:

    hello simsimi 🙂 many of my friends were talking about you.. they told me that you are so funny.. i want to make chat with you ^_^ 

  2. Meglot_1206 says:

    hello                        simisimi                kilala                    mo                 ako

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