Three UK customers: SGS2 Android ICS 4.0 update

Other than the Android faithful awaiting the arrival of the latest Android smartphone from the Samsung camp in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S3, there are of course those that own the Samsung Galaxy S2 and awaiting the arrival of the Android ICS 4.0 update which is currently being rolled out to users.

Well, if you are in the United Kingdom and have a Samsung Galaxy S2 on the Three network, according to the guys over at Eurodroid, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for those that purchased their Galaxy S2 on Three UK is now available.

Apparently Three UK announced the availability of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S2 via their official Twitter account, although unfortunately it appears old Sammy still lives in the dark ages, and makes users grab and install their updates via the nightmare that is Samsung Kies.

One would have thought with the advancement of technology in the mobile space, that Samsung would have by now changed the way they deliver updates and moved to over the air updates, but it doesn’t appear so.

However, if you are an owner of the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Three in the UK you can now fire up Kies and grab the Android 4.0 update, and feel free to let us know if you experience and problems when doing so by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


24 thoughts on “Three UK customers: SGS2 Android ICS 4.0 update”

  1. byonbravo says:

    i am using UK three s2 in Nepal, i have seen UK (Three) ≈ 4.0.3 Update Available! (20 March 2012) but i haven’t got update till now. Do i have to wait for any other update

  2. Lance says:

    Bricked my phone yesterday. Tried emergency recovery 12 times with no joy. Had to go to CPW repair centre to sort out software.
    Then was told there is no ICS update for Three S2 as yet 

    1. Sawdust says:

      Model no. GT-I9100
      Android Version 4.0.3
      Baseband Version I9100NELP2
      Kernel Version 3.0.15-I9100XXLPQ-CL223505 se.infra@SEP:disqus -94 #3
      Build number IML74K.XXLPQ

  3. Ambassador Spock156 says:

    Kies is absolute crap. It took about two hours to download then disconnected my internet so that I couldn’t check for the update. Massive waste of time. Samsung needs to ditch Kies and tree think how it delivers its updates. Stuck for where to go now.

  4. Kozmyk says:

    Not me. I’m with 3 and there’s no ICS update showing for me via Kies. Only available way at the moment is the Odin method. I’ve got the latest Kies version, I even reinstalled it just in case. No information from 3 on their website. Guess I’ll have phone Support.

  5. Pilcha33 says:

    Picked up the update from Keis yesterday and had to restart the phone three times since. Never had these sort of problems before. How can such an unstable release be allowed to be sent out? I rely on my phone and this is crap!

  6. Ratse says:

    I  got the update shown on my home computer but once I start it the whole computer freeze in about 3 minutes!
    At work (2 laptops) I can’t see any updates at all!?!
    I’m on three GS2.If your phone doesn’t get recognized then try to plug in into a different USB port.

  7. Kozmyk says:

    Turns out that although I have a 3 contract, the phone is not 3 branded; I got it from AffordableMobiles.
    So I guess I’ll just have to wait for ICS to become available for unbranded SGS2s.
    Hopefully there’ll be a good side to that wait.
    Like bugs getting sorted out properly before I have to worry about them ;^) … that’s me being philosophical 8^)

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