Deciding on new iPad & iPhone 5 upgrade dilemma

Now that the new iPad has arrived, many of the iOS faithful will of course upgrade from their Apple iPad 2, and as the next generation iOS smartphone is due to arrive this year, many will already be contemplating upgrading their current iPhone 4S to the new iPhone 5 once the smartphone becomes available.

However, is that upgrade from the Apple iPad 2 to the new iPad worth it, and will the upgrade from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5 be worth opting for?

Well as we know, the new iPad offers a nice new Retina Display along with a new iSight 5 megapixel rear facing camera, and a new A5x processor with quad core graphics, and of course LTE connectivity, but aside from that the new iPad still basically remains the same as the Apple iPad 2, and recently the guys over at The Next Web went out on the streets to see if the iOS faithful could pick the new iPad when put side-by-side with the iPad 2 (video below).

The results of which show that some of the iOS faithful had a bit of a problem picking the new iPad when faced with both, they simply couldn’t tell the difference. So this really begs the question, is upgrading your iPad to the new iPad worth it?

Well probably if you really want that LTE connectivity, although of course you can’t use FaceTime over LTE as we recently reported, and there’s the issue with the new iPad overheating, and word that the latest iOS slate is also experiencing WiFi problems, so it does make one wonder if one should just stick with their iPad 2.

So what about the iPhone 5 when it finally arrives? Well we don’t really know what the iPhone 5 will offer over the iPhone 4S other than going by the rumours, the latest of which include a bigger 4.5-inch Retina Display, possibly NFC functionality, maybe a better battery, 3D, and of course a new design that was originally expected with the iPhone 4S, but Apple didn’t deliver.

If Apple delivers the bulk of these rumoured iPhone 5 improvement over the iPhone 4S then it just might be worth upgrading to the new handset, otherwise if Apple doesn’t bring something extra special to the game, if the iPhone 5 looks just like the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4, then maybe it wont be worth that upgrade.

Having said that, as with all things Apple when it comes to the iOS faithful, no matter what the iPhone 5 offers it will be a big success as every one of the iPhone faithful will no doubt want it.

So have you already upgraded your iPad 2 to the new iPad, and will you upgrade your iPhone 4S to the new iPhone 5 when it hits the mobile space? Feel free to voice your opinions below.

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