iOS Gadgets: Lantronix xPrintServer is AirPrint-Ready

Printers can prove to be a problem for many users with their various drivers and printing protocols, and that is before you even get started on the printer installation software. Luckily back in 2010 Apple brought out AirPrint, which at the time only supported twelve printers that were from the HP Photosmart Plus range. Today we have news of the iOS gadget called the Lantronix xPrintServer that is AirPrint ready.

There are times that everyone needs to print something onto paper and more people now own iPhones and iPads, but as an article on Cult of Mac is reporting not everyone can afford to re-equip the workplace with AirPrint ready machines.

This is where the Lantronix xPrintServer comes in as it can change the whole network over for you using a small iPhone sized box. You simply plug the unit into the same network all your printers are on via the Ethernet port, and now all supported printers will appear in the iOS print dialog box.

It can be used with printers that don’t directly support AirPrint, and using any iOS application that supports printing it’s just the simple case of tapping the action button, then tapping the print button and selecting an available printer, and after completing anymore options your content will be printed.

The device also provides a Web-based interface so users can update the firmware, manage print jobs, configure printers, but the great thing about the Lantronix xPrintServer is that you will probably never have to do any configuration.

It is recommended by the company that you use one Lantronix xPrintServer for every seven to ten printers on a network, which are required to support AirPrint, and priced at only $150 they are likely to sell them by the bucket load and is available now.

Do you have an AirPrint compatible printer?


3 thoughts on “iOS Gadgets: Lantronix xPrintServer is AirPrint-Ready”

  1. Alex Alexander says:

    I have used the xPrintServer for over a month now. It works really good.  I tested it with 7 printers and it printed to all of them with the latest firmware update.  It is only as fast as your fastest printer though! 

  2. Mike Stevens says:

    I bought it and promptly returned it when it was discovered that my printer HP 2600N wouldn’t work with it. Although it clearly stated that it supported the 2600n, further investigation (only after making the purchase) revealed that there needed to be a proprietary print driver developed by the folks at Lantronix to make the silly thing work. Oops, they forgot to mention that in their listing of approved printers.

    I do not recommend this product until the Lantronix steps up and is honest with consumers about what printers work and what printers don’t work with their product.

    This is something the Consumer Protection Agency should know about. 

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