Possible iPhone 5 screen size disappointment

In the last couple of weeks the iPhone 5 rumour mill has sprung into life with a number of different reports suggesting what the next iPhone will bring. The size of the iPhone display and 4G LTE connectivity have been spoken about a lot recently, and it seems iPhone fans could be in for some iPhone 5 screen size disappointment.

A few days ago we had reports that the next iPhone would feature a screen size of 4.6-inches, which was seen by many as a farfetched idea as it would mean a big jump in size from the current model, and may make things difficult for developers that create software for the current model.

Now though according to reports on AppleInsider it is being claimed that Apple is thinking of having a screen size of 3.5-inches around the same as the current model. Although this size is not supposed to be one hundred percent definite it’s a size that Apple is supposed to be considering.

Some iPhone fans would probably not be worried about having a screen size as big as 4.6-inches, but many like the idea of a 4-inch display as a way forward for the handset. Again the report is claiming that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE technology that you would have thought was a given considering the latest iPad now has it.

Before now Apple hasn’t used the technology in its iPhone because the 4G LTE chipsets took up to much room inside the device, and were to demanding on battery power. Things have moved on now though and the Qualcomm MDM9615 4G LTE chip is not only less demanding on power, it also combines voice and data connections into one unit taking up less space.

While we have recently heard of a possible WWDC 2012 event date it is not thought the iPhone 5 will be making an appearance so soon, as many still believe we will see another fall release for the next iPhone. Previously the iPhone 4 was released in June 2010, but we had to wait until October 2011 before the iPhone 4S was released, so the iPhone 5 coming this June would mean only a gap of nine months between handsets.

Although that’s around the same time as the iPhone 4 was launched on the Verizon network before the 4S was released, it would be surprising if the same was to happen again as the Verizon situation was a different set of circumstances. We won’t know for sure what the next iPhone will be like until Apple officially announce it, but there will be many hoping for a screen size at least a bit bigger than the current model.

Do you hope the iPhone 5 has a larger screen size than the iPhone 4S?


21 thoughts on “Possible iPhone 5 screen size disappointment”

  1. Ken says:

    yeah…lol ….Im a diehard Apple fan, always have been.. but Im also a tech lover.. if the new iphone doesnt have a 4″ screen, at LEAST 1gb of ram and something new from the iphone 4, it will be a perfect time to test out an Android.  I have no doubt that Apple will come out with something awesome in years to come (as they always have before), but surely Im not the only frustrated apple supporter that’s willing the sacrifice apples stability and security for a faster, brighter and more flexible divice…….at this time, of course.

    1. jnt says:

      Why would you need a bigger screen on a *phone* when you have everything perfectly synced up with the gorgeous screen on your ipad? (Playing devils advocate here …)

  2. Maddy_anaer says:

    diehard fan of apple , there are a lot of things easy to say like see through phone but m happy with what they have made so far , we hope they ll make sum thing great but i read apple make 3.5inch screen bcz you can do it all in one hand, bcd your thumb can go around till 3.5 inches not more then that , just a thought, 
    So far happy with everything they made though 🙂

  3. Njh-ox says:

     I quite like the size of my iphone 4, my mate has a s2 and it’s horrible. too big, too clumsy when trying to use one hand. the iphone is just right, and quite frankly if they go anywhere above 4 inches I won’t buy it, bigger is not necessarily better.

      1. Stephen_Vangior says:

        lol@lol@small hands – He’s stated he wouldn’t buy anything bigger? I assume he’ll stick with the 44s for a lifetime after other phones break the 4inch size.. Njh-ox  your a tad retarded in your statement.. bigger is not necessarily better? Is that the excuse you use on your partner? lol! small minded ignorant fcuk

  4. Mariorupcic Zg says:

    I sincerely hope its going to be a 4 inch screen. If it would be 4.6 it may be a bit clumsy to hold it in your hands I guess but I would still prefer that over 3.5. I have Iphone 4 now and I LOVE it, but I am dreaming about that bigger screen. I would hate it to go from iOS to Android but this is what Im willing to do if Iphone 4 isn’t at least 4.0… Screen is the most important thing for me next to OS.. I hope I will learn to love android :'(

  5. Dreathg says:

    I just got the iphone and to be honest i love the small size of it. Phones are getting to damn big what is the point. If i want to use big ill use my ipad.  phones should be small and easy to put in your pocket !    

  6. Django says:

    the more I think about it the more obvious it seems – shoot me down if I’m missing a trick here . . .
    manufacturing in bulk saves costs, in particular in tooling – however, when you contemplate the likely volumes for the iPhone 5 the numbers will use up many ‘sets’ of tooling in the course of manufacture, so its actually not more expensive really At All to make the iPhone 5 in a number of size variants – after all you can get macbooks in 13″, 15″ and 17″ so why not 2-3 sizes of the same phone? I also had in mind a special docking system whereby a standard sized iPhone could be clicked into a nearly seamless larger touchscreen for apps that really need it.  Anyways – its all very exciting, but I’m easily bored and NOW or pretty close to NOW I want a new phone that works wonders in my life, being able to jot ideas down on the go without having to pull the car
    over and fiddle with an irritating qwerty pad, or worse accumulate large
    numbers of anonymously named voice recordings would take my creative
    mind and free it from the pitfalls of its flitting ADhD nature. I
    really couldn’t care less if I can see a pixel or if the screen is 3.6
    or 4.6 inches. I do care that I can manage my to do list through Siri,
    that I can add items to various shopping lists, that I can get timely
    reminders (e.g. when my motion drops below 4mph for 4 minutes plus Siri
    can assume I’m not still driving), and that the promised full Siri map
    tools and sat nav arrive . . . I don’t want a phone, I want what Apple
    have been long aiming for, I want a fully appointed “Vade Mecum”, rich
    in resources to improve my productivity – battery life is a big one
    here, my iPhone 3G as good as lives on a charging tether as almost any use drains
    it – as such, tetherless charging on the new iPhone would move it a few
    steps closer to being a loved item. And finally, I want it to talk to
    my macbook pro without tethering and I want it to be seamless – I just
    want it all to work, and if it does I will pay a premium price and work
    that iPhone till its silicon innards keel over with exhaustion.

    I should add that the delay in announcing the launch date has me
    inevitably eyeing the competition – I don’t buy brands I buy functions
    and reliability – I am already starting to explore how integrated a
    fully appointed Android phone can be with my macbook – so the deal breaker is a Siri
    that is able to launch apps and control them, and offer me a genuinely
    impressive AI PA – make that work and bring it
    to market soon and Apple can have my money – it has to be a Whole Lot
    better than the Siri on the iPhone 4S though, which at a recent Easter
    break with friends was the court jester with its ham fisted errors –
    that’s right, we were laughing helplessly at how incredibly inept
    Apple’s flagship smartphone feature was – bad enough to have us feel the
    advertising was rather misleading in fact. The GPS and map function
    (google maps I think) did help us navigate out of the woods with the
    kids near Dunster though which was nice with the compass
    ‘cone’ swinging away on the map and pointing us towards Dunster Castle
    which eventually emerged from the forest like a transylvanian vision

    Come on Apple, piss or get off the pot, I’d like to be using your Sirilicious hoojamaflip to make money so you can sell me more wonders of your marvellkously inventive minds 🙂

  7. joemhz says:

    It looks like the screen will be taller not wider. Thats a big mistake. Craming more icons on the home screen is not an improvement. That does not help typing on glass or viewing pages in portrait mode. HTC One X her I come. The screen blows the iphone away…wow…

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