Instagram for Android release nears as sign up page goes live

In the last few months there have been a couple of applications on the iOS platform that have grabbed the headlines with regards to their release onto the Android platform. One of these was Temple Run which is now only a couple of days away from launch, and now we can tell you that the Instagram for Android release nears as a sign up page goes live.

The application has been a massive hit among iOS users and as it was revealed earlier this month now has over 27 million registered users. The publisher of the social photo sharing hit has hinted for a while now that an Android version was in bound, and as an article over at the Android community is reporting a page where users can register to be notified when the app is available has gone up.

Unfortunately there is no information regarding any date for the apps release, and the last we heard anything from the team behind the app is when they were showing off a beta version at SXSW. It was being claimed at the time that the Android version was on course to be even better than what is found on the iOS platform and the team will be hoping that the huge interest surrounding the Android version will double the user base it already enjoys.

The iOS version of Instagram was released almost 18 months ago now, and after a slow start the last 8 months has seen the amount of users registering for the service explode. Android users will continue to be frustrated with the lack of a release date, but it shouldn’t be much longer now. We will just have to hope it will be something special and worth the wait.

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