Samsung updates UK users about Galaxy S2 ICS update

The ongoing saga of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system being released to various handsets continues, as we now have news that Samsung has updated UK users about the Galaxy S2 ICS update.

Almost two weeks ago now the company announced it had started the rollout of the update in certain regions, and revealed that UK owners would begin receiving it on the 19th of this month. Unfortunately most Galaxy S II owners are still waiting to receive the new operating system in the country, and this includes those who own a SIM free version of the smartphone.

Now Samsung has taken to its Facebook page to update users about the availability of the software, and according to an article over at TechRadar the new operating system is still undergoing testing. They revealed that Samsung UK was hard at work to make the update available, and went onto say that no dates can yet be given when it will be released.

The statement continued by saying the “approval process is subject to several variables, but we are working as quickly as we can”, and thanked users for their patience. Carrier Three has already begun pushing out the update to its customers to download, and rival network O2 has said it will be available by the end of this month.

Whether O2 can now stick to this timeframe remains to be seen, and the situation seems a strange one considering Three has already made the upgrade available. Meanwhile Cnet are reporting that the upgrade for SIM free versions of the device may not be available until the end of April.

Customers have been told by Samsung reps about the April availability with one being told by the 24th. The situation is strange as usually on the Android platform unlocked handsets get the update first as they don’t have to go through the various carrier testing process.

Are you annoyed by how long it is taking to get Android ICS out to the Galaxy S II?


12 thoughts on “Samsung updates UK users about Galaxy S2 ICS update”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for JellyBean!! Samsung has stated “JellyBean will be available for the samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 via Kies year commencing 2015 and that all customers should have recieved it by the end of 2020.”

  2. Geoffrey says:

    I’d expect there to be delays between Google announcing an Android upgrade and its availability on specific phones, as each manufacturer has to do their own port.  I’d expect the time this takes for each manufacturer to differ depending on the resources they allocate.  I’d also expect manufacturers to prioritise porting to new models over upgrading older models, as that’s what makes commercial sense – it’s new models that generate sales.  I’d also expect there to be delays between manufacturers announcing availability and network operators doing so, as they have to validate the release on their network and also apply their own tweaks. Once again, I’d expect the time this takes for each operator to differ
    depending on the resources they allocate, and I’d also expect them to prioritise current models over upgrades for older models.

    I’ve not found any manufacturers very impressive when it comes to supporting existing users and older models.  They just aren’t interested, and they don’t think customers are loyal to any brand – they’re probably right, as we all opt for features and price before brand.

    What doesn’t make any sense is that operators are releasing ICS before Samsung are happy about releasing a generic version.  If I were a customer of 3, I’d be very wary about upgrading, as I don’t see how they can be confident about stability if Samsung aren’t happy about it. And we can assume they aren’t – no company would willingly court the bad PR they’ve received gratuitously.

  3. Dudedeadly2 says:

    The Galaxy S2 is an outstanding phone without ICS. The software upgrade is just a bonus. It is quite frustrating not gettng the update even though it was rolled out since the 19th, but that has not hampered my usage of the phone. It will eventually come out when Samsung has done the testing and are certain they are providing a quality update. I can wait a little longer, no big deal.

  4. Clockworkrobot says:

    I’m annoyed the galaxy s 2 still has SoundManager issues. It’d be nice if I could play or make a game on the thing with SOME SOUND EFFECTS without the damned thing CRASHING and MELTING. If they’ve not fixed this with the update I’m going to recreate a scene from Angry Birds at their headquarters with a yard of surgical elastic and my Galaxy S 2.

  5. Richard Fear says:

    Getting really fed up waiting for this, if one provider can release the update why can’t the others. They are all quick enough to sell us the hand-sets and take our money each month. Considering ditching the Galaxy s2 and going for an I-phone 4s, just about had enough now. 

  6. sheffben says:

    Dont get too upset that you dont have it yet people…  Let them do the testing it needs.  I didn’t know the whole roll out process until reading the comments on here. I upgraded to ICS on 3 in the uk yesterday and have had nothing but trouble ever since
    Email no longer syncs, All created folders deleted, ringtones missing, even the lock screen has changed and seems like a cheaper version of the previous one.
    I have concerns about just about everything, but my main one at the minute is that the battery does not seem to be going down at all… sounds good, but I have no idea if this phone is gonna last the day or not
    Regretting installing the update now, dont all rush to do the same, let the masses do it first and do the proper testing if you know what I mean

  7. Whatever says:

    ” Seriously? I am not buying androids phones untill they change their habits of upgrading the phones…”
    Cos I’m a fuckwitt who can’t figure out how to wipe my own ass without apples help duuuh

  8. Guest says:

    You could all just join a site like XDA Developers or Modaco, and get a far more bug free and stable version of ICS, and without too much extra hassle, CyanogenMod 9 is the best ICS out there, and none of Samsungs nasty Touchwiz bloatware

  9. 123 says:

    ” Seriously? I am not buying androids phones untill they change their habits of upgrading the phones…”Cos I’m a fuckwitt who can’t figure out how to wipe my own ass without apples help duuuh


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