Mobile phones causing amazing havoc: Videos

Most people now own a mobile phone of some description and there are times if we forget to take the device out with us, or even lose it altogether will leave us feeling like someone has taken your right arm off. Today we have a collection of videos for you with mobile phones causing some amazing havoc.

We use our devices for a variety of things now besides making calls, but sometimes they can suddenly start ringing at the most inappropriate times that can cause annoyance or embarrassment. An article over at Moneysupermarket.com has rounded up some of the funniest moments as mobile phones go off when they are least expected.

One video you can see below is at a real wedding and while the bride and groom are saying their vowels a phone suddenly starts ringing, which may make you think that is not unusual until you realise the owner of the device is the priest.

Another video you can see has Judas Iscariot performing on stage when suddenly his handset starts to ring, and as he tries to stop it he drops it on the stage making a big thud before quickly leaving in embarrassment.

Sheila Jackson Lee was taking part in a town meeting and while responding to a question from a cancer survivor her phone rings, but instead of just ignoring it she answered it and held a conversation without saying sorry to the person she was already talking to.

In another video you can see conductor Alan Gilbert who halted an entire performance to take issue with someone who’s Apple iPhone wouldn’t stop ringing, which goes on for a full six minutes. These are just a few of the videos and more can be seen by hitting the link above.

Has there been any time that your handset has gone off at the wrong moment or have you witnessed someone else’s that has?

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