New HTC foldable Galaxy Note rival

In the last few years mobile phones have came a long way in functionality and also looks, with the smartphone market really be jump started back in 2007 with the release of the first Apple iPhone. Since then we have seen a vast amount of stylish handsets that can look the part, but maybe not always deliver when it comes to performance.

Recently the handset of choice for a lot of consumers has been the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is basically a smartphone tablet PC crossover. The device is not to everyone’s taste though mainly due to the size of the handset, but what if there was something that was similar in size but foldable for easier storage?

An article over at Concept Phones has some images of the work of Max Borhof, who is a designer from Germany that has created a handset that looks similar to a HTC device with an edge to edge display. The handset could have a thickness of only 7.5 mm housing that beautiful 1080p display, and while this is only a concept would you buy this phone if it was on the market?

Once opened up the device will remind you of a makeup kit, and the designer bases the concept on the future technologies that will feature ultra flexible screens. Having an edge to edge display without the use of a hinge is the main achievement, and there is also a dock area on the display that looks like the HTC Sense feature of the future.

While we wait for flexible screens to become a reality in the smartphone market this concept raises some interesting possibilities, some of which HTC may take up at some point in the future. Hint the link above for more images of the concept smartphone.


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  1. Cool!! I like the bigger screens but I don’t like the way they fit in my pocket so I’m relegated to a 5.0 inch max for a smartphone. Love the Note line, the HTC Max was just too big but gorgeous. I’d be inclined to buy something like this. It serves both form and function. Go HTC!

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