O2 Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 live update: Discussions

The last few weeks for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II in the UK has been confusing with regards to the latest version of the Android operating system reaching the handset. Today we have some more news for you as the O2 Android 4.0 update is now live for the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is causing a lot of discussions amongst owners of the device.

Only yesterday we told you that Samsung had taken to its Facebook page to reveal that the update was still undergoing testing, and couldn’t give a specific date of when it would be available. Now according to an article over at SlashGear carrier O2 has announced the availability of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for its customers owning the Galaxy S2.

When Samsung first released the software earlier this month it warned at the time that specific carrier versions may take longer to be released. Normally when new versions of the Android operating system are released its unlocked handsets that receive the software first; this is because the OS has to go through the testing process for each individual carrier before being released.

Surprisingly though now O2 has joined rival carrier Three by releasing the update, owners of SIM free versions of the Galaxy S2 are still waiting for it to arrive. Users on the O2 network will have to update the handset via Samsung’s KIES application connected to a PC instead of an over the air update.

Users will still see the Samsung TouchWiz Android overlay with the update, but there will be some owners that have already installed one of the various third-party versions of the operating system that comes without this. Have you managed to get Android ICS on to your Samsung Galaxy S2? If so what do you think of it?


25 thoughts on “O2 Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 live update: Discussions”

  1. Dave Soldini says:

    I have just installed O2 flavour ICS. 
    Installation went great, did not loose any settings or apps etc. call logs in tact. Double Twist media player even remembered where I was in my playlist. Runs quick, appears stable and easy upgrade.
    Down sides:-
    Home screens reset, lost my shortcuts/widgets and Kies does nto have backup/restore option for that.
    Not full ICS. Panorama mode for camera is not present.

    1. Tom Burns says:

      Have to slide across the ‘Contacts’, ‘Logs’, ‘Groups’,
      ‘Favourites’  tabs(just a little bit).
      All should fit on the screen like 2.3.5. Gingerbread.

      Smilies are worse (very basic looking).

      All your app locations are reset to a default setting.

      Some apps/games no longer run. Biggest disappointment was my
      Kaspersky Antivirus doesn’t run on ICS.

      Created two folders on my phone, ‘Games’ and ‘Apps’ easily
      on Gingerbread.  Can’t either find how to
      rename the new folder I’ve created, or tI’ve seen you can change their name through the
      long winded “Go to the ‘My Folder’ app”, but I can’t see the folders I created
      there either.

      A major plus point is that the battery management seems to have make it’s life a little longer.

      The notification bar is a lot clearer.

      I’ve heard that it’s also improved the camera functionality,
      but not tried it yet.


  2. Bruce says:

    O2 Official ICS updated (on my unlocked, but O2 supplied GS2).
    Upgrade was problem free, and everything seems ok, apart from home screen / widgets / shortcuts all reset to default.

    Also had some fun trying to undo the contacts sync from everything except google. 
    Could not find easy way to do this, apart from launch each app in turn and ensure it was off.
    The sync settings account section seemed to show they were all on.

  3. Bruce says:

    Was going to add, at least this article correctly noted that Sim Free update still missing in action. Quite a few site claim it was freely available on 19th Mar.

  4. Mark8ball30 says:

    it just goes to prov samsung don’t no what they are doing if a team off people can bring a rom for phones mouths be for samsung do they must be a joke. when i phoned samsung they said they are relesaing android 4.0 in stages so they like to lie to customers as well i got to say iv loved samsungs phones but now just p++t off with the after care we get for phones that cost us £600 each time 

  5. rodb says:

    updated last night; KIES was clunky and download and install took a while, but was successful. Haven’t had a chance to check out new features yet, but WIFI icon now has an orange dot at the bottom (not sure what that’s about) and the low mic volume fix using the *#*#197328640#*#* audio chnges is no longer available as it was in 2.3.4; i can’t get past the “main menu” screen.  Haven’t been able to find out whether the poor sound quality  at the callee’s phone has had a software fix in 4.0.3.

  6. Shelly says:

    Where can I download ICS? I’m on Orange and can’t find an update anywhere. Nothing on the Samsung website either and kies is rubbish…

  7. Nik says:

    ICS has killed my battery life. I am lucky to get a day out of my phone now and that’s using the power saving settings. Really not very happy

  8. Steve says:

    Connecting my O2 GS2 to Kies does not initiate an upgrade. Is there something I’m supposed to do? Can someone who’s upgraded sucessfully give a step-by-step walkthrough?

  9. Mikal Oneill says:

    I got the update message ota in the park in belfast. updated, seems faster and improved keyboard response. no crashing or lagging but unable to add pics to msgs. says incompatible filetype but its a .jpg ?

  10. Garry_f says:

    I wish I could go back to the older version. This update seems to hang a lot. I also noticed that my notes icon is gone and my playlist have been deleted and changed. 

  11. Jgoodwin Homelife says:

    I loved the old system it was fantastic, I just updated today, and the new system is horrible! I just want to smash my phone or get rid of and switch to something else now.  Does anyone know if you can somehow go back to the old system?

  12. Carol-Anne says:

    My son, Daughter and I all have the Galaxy s2…all updated…My son has lost Play store, internet and various other apps but then couldn’t do anything to fix it as it kept taking ages to open apps or just freezing, he had to do a reset factory settings to get it to work which it did but lost EVERYTHING!!! it’s like he has just bought it from shop, My phone…can’t get used to the new layout on anything eg home screen…msg’s…email, also lost a few apps including task manager with I used a lot when phone threw me out of apps which it still does and quite often, extra apps installed ie games that weren’t there before…don’t like the changes but I guess I will get used to them My daughters phone on the other hand is fine…not a thing wrong so very mixed views on this from one household

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