Hot ShadowGun sample level project download

If you are an iOS or Android gamer that is into third person shooter games, you might like to know that MadFinger Games and Unity have now partnered to deliver a free sample level project of ShadowGun that is crammed with skills and innovative techniques that are instrumental when learning Unity.

Unity works to ensure their high performant platform for users to deploy to mobile devices and the project includes techniques employed by the Czech developer to optimise the ShadowGun code for the Unity development platform.

The sample level project can be downloaded by hitting up Here, however one should note that this is not a gameplay sample but rather designed to help in learning about optimal mobile techniques.

As I am not too au-fay with the inner working of mobile games technology, I’ll leave it to the professionals to explain, so you can find out all about the ShadowGun sample level project by hitting up the Unity3D blog.

We do have several Shaders in ShadowGun videos for your viewing pleasure below though, six in all, so feel free to head on down and hit those play buttons to check out the footage, and of course if you do download the sample level project feel free to let us know how you get on by dropping us a line to our comments area below…enjoy.


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