New Sprint iPhone LTE offering possibility

If you are one of the iPhone faithful over in the good old US of A and on the Sprint network, and worried that Sprint will not offer an LTE enabled iPhone if one were to become available, due to Sprint lagging behind both Verizon and AT&T when it comes to rolling out LTE networks, there just might not be any need for concern.

According to the Dow Jones, Sprint has stated that they are free to offer their iOS customers a 4G LTE enabled iPhone if or when Apple should deliver such a smartphone, and although the chief financial officer of Sprint, Joe Euteneuer didn’t comment on whether Apple would deliver an iPhone with 4G LTE, he did say that Sprint’s contract with Apple is similar to that of the Big Red and AT&T and that Sprint is not being held by any LTE coverage requirements.

The CFO also noted that if Apple launches a new iPhone in October in line with last year’s launch, the iPhone would arrive with Sprint having delivered 4G LTE coverage to six cities by mid-year, although Sprint plans to initially cover roughly 100 million people in the US.

We already know that Apple’s new iPad supports 4G LTE connectivity, and popular rumour has it that the new iPhone, or iPhone 5 whatever the new iOS smartphone will be called is rumoured to also support 4G LTE connectivity, but as this is Apple gear we are talking about, nothing will be confirmed until Apple is ready to do so.

As for Sprint offering the 4G LTE iPhone if it does surface this year, well I see no reason why they shouldn’t, as I am sure Apple will want the next iPhone to be sold by all the current carriers; the big question is of course, will the next iPhone be an LTE iPhone?

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