Dell smartphone sales abrupt end in U.S

If you are over the pond in the good old US of A and a fan of Dell smartphones, it appears you wont be able to buy a Dell smartphone State-side any more, as apparently Dell has now stopped selling smartphones in the United States, and are apparently to tweak their mobile strategy in order to concentrate on higher margin profits and emerging markets.

According to the guys over at PC World, Dell has now halted sales of the last smartphones available in the good old US of A, the Dell Venue and Dell Venue Pro handsets and there will be no replacements, as the smartphones have run their course according to a spokesperson for Dell.

Apparently though the company will deliver more mobile products in the United States later in the year, but the spokesperson didn’t state if these products would include smartphones, and said that mobility products have a shorter lifespan that that of desktops and laptops.

Dell entered the mobile space back in August of 2010 with the Dell Areo and Dell Streak 5, whilst the Dell Venue smartphones ran Android and Windows Phone, and Dell discontinued the Dell Streak 5 approximately a year later and last year halted sales of the Dell Streak 7.

Thus with Dell now abruptly halting the sales of both the Dell Venue and Dell Venue Pro, it means Dell no longer has any smartphone presence in the USA, although the company is still offering smartphones for sale outside the US in such countries as South Korea, Japan, China and India.

So there you have it, if you live in the US you can no longer purchase a Dell smartphone, so does this news disappoint any of our US readers?

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