3D possibility for iPhone 5 camera

Just as we thought we’d heard every possible rumor and piece of speculation about the Apple iPhone 5, up pops another snippet of news to make us think again. The latest news is that there’s a possibility of 3D technology coming to the iPhone 5 camera but don’t get too excited just yet as this development may have come too late for the next iPhone.

It’s fascinating stuff though and many tech sites are now reporting that the iPhone 5 could sport a 3D camera and it all stems from an Apple patent detailing how depth-detection sensors such as lidar and radar and cutting-edge luminance sensors could be used to make 3D images when a picture is taken. The patent is for iOS devices so could also be used for iPads and does seem like a natural progression for iOS devices when considering the growth of 3D TV’s and the fact that some other smartphones now feature 3D capabilities.

The patent was revealed by Patently Apple as reported by Cnet and as well as 3D picture images the patent also means that 3D models could be created on the device simply by scanning objects and the technology could also bring facial-gesture recognition. Meanwhile this report also tells how Apple is working on a 3D camera and says that it’s apparently being developed for other electronic devices apart from iPhones, iPads and Apple computers, so wonders if an Apple camera might be on the way.

The important question that many of you will be wondering is whether this has come soon enough to be included in the iPhone 5 and that’s certainly possible but of course we can’t confirm this. We’re informed that the Apple patent application was made in Q3 of last year so the wait might not be too long but it’s a case of wait and see for now. Another consideration is just how popular a 3D camera on the iPhone would be. Although we think many would enjoy this capability there are plenty of people who feel that 3D is more of a gimmick so we’d like to hear what you think about this.

If the iPhone 5 appears with 3D camera technology would this make you more likely to purchase it? Maybe the feature doesn’t appeal to you at all but you’d like the next iPhone all the same? Let us know by sending in your comments.


4 thoughts on “3D possibility for iPhone 5 camera”

  1. Dedcert says:

    At this moment in time I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of a new HTC One X. This will be my fifth Android device in a row. Although I’ll admit to being a bit of an ageing Android “fanboy”, I have been giving some thought recently to the fact that I might actually be getting a tad bored with my beloved Android phones. You know the feeling, same apps, but on a different device; albeit a faster operating system on a larger screen. So, getting to the point at last, I had been considering the possibility of trying an (hate to say it) iPhone, but I can say in all honesty that if Apple decide to follow the “3D” route, there is NO WAY I will be making the change.IMHO 3D will have run it’s course in 5 or 6 years and we will all be wondering what all the fuss was about. Sorry Apple, but I’ll stick with Android where I have almost unlimited choice and won’t be stuck with whatever Mr. Jobs’ successor decides is best for me..

  2. Lucas says:

    yes it is most likely going to be 3D. even though android is a good company apple is better. i have an iphone ipad and ipod and i love them all. BUY APPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. james braselton says:

    hi there i hope soo becuase i am hard core 3d fan i have a sony 32 inch 3d bravia tv nintendo 3ds a aiptik i2 3d camcorder and a 3d lg thrill 3d phone too

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