Aspirations for Galaxy S3 specs & features

Despite the profusion of very impressive new and upcoming smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III) is still the one that many are talking about. Today we want to look at aspirations for Galaxy S3 specs and features and find out what you are hoping to see on the next flagship Samsung smartphone.

Nothing has yet been announced for this much-awaited handset but word is rife on what most in the tech world are expecting. There have been the usual rumors, avid speculation and leaks (as with any highly anticipated device) and it’s fair to say that although nothing is yet confirmed, there are big expectations of what the Galaxy S3 will bring.

The following specs and features have been widely reported for the Galaxy S3 and we would be surprised if this upcoming Android smartphone turned up without almost all of these inclusions. Hotly rumored is an Exynos quad-core processor, to match the wave of new quad-core processor handsets such as the HTC One X. An increased screen-size to 4.6-inches also seems likely and only yesterday we heard of the possibility that the new display could rival that of Apple’s iPhone. Other expected additions are a step up in camera to either a 10 or even 12-megapixel rear shooter, 2GB of RAM, LTE connectivity, NFC (near-field communications) support and the latest Android OS, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Many of these would be popular additions to the Galaxy S3 and what’s more, plenty of people are now expecting most of these things to come to fruition. However, some of these aspects will be more important to some of you than others and of course other things could also feature and there could be other extras that you are hoping to see on the Galaxy S3. At various times for example, there has been talk of wireless charging, waterproofing and also 3D support for the Galaxy S3. Some of you may also want to see more internal storage or perhaps a completely new design.

With this in mind we’re really interested to find out what our readers would like to see most on the Galaxy S3. A release date is still not set but the consensus seems to be that it will launch between April and July. Depending on personal usage of your smartphone you may have a preference for a better camera on the Galaxy S3 whereas LTE connectivity may not be so important to you? Maybe you’re not bothered about a larger display but would really like to see the Galaxy S3 with 3D support?

What are your aspirations for Samsung’s Galaxy S3?


32 thoughts on “Aspirations for Galaxy S3 specs & features”

  1. Anonymous says:

    4.6 inch, 2 gb RAM, 12 mp camera, 3300 mAh battery and most important thing to shut down OS that is now open source as a risk of infecting virus is very great. Only this has priority iOS is not open system.

    1. JJ says:

       LOL @ 3300 mAH battery.
      I would be surprised to see 2GB ram. Its easy said than done. If it was this easy other phones won’t stick with 1gb.

      1. Guest says:

         for example the motorola razr maxx has a 3300 maH battery, but I hope the s3 has one not under 2000, than it will be ok for me. 🙂 But I hope that they use an exynos 4412, or better, of course. And 1,5-2 gig ram. And about the rest I haven’t to worry about. Than it will be my phone of Q2 2012 :).

      2. Anonymous says:

         It is easy, it just costs. Most people are more than satisfied with 1GB of ram, because the majority of your used apps just stay in memory for immediate access. But imagine if you could have that AND a huge ram-hogging game kept in memory all the time as well. I hope the S3 lays the smackdown on everyone else with 2GB ram.

  2. Dragonfreak1980 says:

    i’d like it to have 1080p 4.7″ screen, 1.5 or higher quad core processor, at least 1.5GB ram, 32GB storage, 12mp camera, at least 2000mah battery, and 4g lte 

      1. Hp034 says:

        If the batt life is less then a few days. Then the option to swap batts can be very useful.

        I have the 2000mah batt in my s2. But if I am camping for a long weekend I still get through 2+ batts.

        Unless samsung can come up with a 5000mah batt or something folks are still going to want the option.

  3. Andyp363 says:

    Why is everyone talking about a display to rival the iPhone 4’s??
    iPhone 4s         3.5 inch       IPS         326ppi
    Galaxy Nexus    4.6 inch   AMOLED    316ppi

    Galaxy Nexus is the clear winner… I would assume that Samsung would use that screen or a better one for the S3.

    1. Guest says:

       I think they’re talking about PPI and as you can see, Galaxy Nexus is not the winner.
      You can put a screen as clear as air on the phone, but if pixel density is short it doesn’t cut it.

  4. Aysha780 says:

    1) longer battery life,
    2) waterproof
    3) screen size bigger but phone no bigger than the s2
    4) storage size bigger
    5) improved camera/video quality
    6) improved features of camera/video e.g. to be able to pause videos whilst recording 
    7) able to charge through usb connection

  5. MTheOverlord says:

    Actually, I generally agree with Aysha780’s comments.  Priorities for me are:

    1) 1.8 ghz Exynos
    2) 2gb ram
    3) NFC
    4) Waterproof
    5) Min. 32 gigs on-board

  6. Guest says:

    Fair to say if the screen size does increase, I hope they do it without the need to increase the size of the phone.
    I tried a Galaxy Note in store with a view to purchasing it, but after trying it I soon changed my ming.
    Current Galaxy should not go bigger. I don’t want a world where every decent phone is the size of an iPad.

      1. Phyxius Debello says:

        i have the Galaxy Nexus and 4.65″ is awesome. i try 4.5″ phones and i can feel the different when holding it and i wouldn’t want to go lower now from 4.65″.
        rumors are saying that s3 would be 4.8″. wonder how good it would feel in the hands.. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just make it like my ATT Galaxy Note only 4.5
    to 4.8 for my lady. Must have LTE. I hit 49mb+ on download and 12mb+ on ATT upload.S Pen is addictive. Quad and 2 gb ram goes unsaid. 10mb camera or more just because. The real thing is a case that still looks smart and some how covers the sceen in case of dropping. I am using two cases on GN. Gel for rear and sides and Samsung front protecter front cover that attaches by the case becoming the rear battery cover. Works good but front cover is in the way every time I use it. Perhaps a more flexible side hinge that easily folds under the phone for use.

  8. Samsung Fan says:

    All the stuff that beats the Iphone5 and more and must have some Waterproofing Rating Please. The electronics of these fully packed mini computers are very very susceptible to the slightest of moisture through any orifice.

  9. Paul Sergides says:

    32 gb internal memory
    Notification light
    Aluminium body
    Larger battery..3000mah
    12mp auto
    focus led camera
    2gb ram
    4.65cm screen

  10. Galaxy Nexus is only slightly too big, if you could reduce the body size, but somehow keep the screen size, it would be awesome.

    What would make me jealous and consider leaving my Galaxy Nexus:
    1) Slightly smaller phone, but bigger edge-to-edge screen
    2) Sexy looking design
    3) Quad Core processor 
    4) Higher Resolution screen
    5) 8-12mp camera (f2.4 lens)
    6) External SD slot + 32/64GB internal memory
    7) Longer battery life
    8) Stock ICS user interface (Touchwiz is ugly)

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