Comprehensive iPhone 5 insight & rumour roundup

We’ve been closely following all the news about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 as we know how many of our readers like to keep up with developments and speculation. Today we thought we’d take a comprehensive look at iPhone 5 stories over the last month and give you a news, rumor and insight roundup.

Although a lot of what we know, or think we know, is based on leaks and conjecture, it’s interesting nevertheless to keep up-to-date with the latest on the iPhone 5. We usually find that a good amount of information we hear in advance of any official announcement turns out to be accurate, although of course there may be the odd red herring. In a bid to provide you with all the latest we’ll highlight some of our iPhone 5 articles and so if you want to find out more about any particular aspects mentioned then just hit the links for more.

First off we’ll give you a basic rundown of some of the most widely expected specs and features of the next iPhone, although nothing is yet confirmed. Hotly anticipated are the A5X processor or even an A6 processor, a larger display, improved camera, LTE connectivity (as appeared on the new iPad) and possibly even the next major iOS update, iOS 6. A far as a release date is concerned, opinion is very much divided between a June release, Apple’s traditional time frame, or a fall release around one year after the launch of the iPhone 4S.

On with the roundup and right at the beginning of March we discussed the possibility of NFC (near-field communictions) coming to the iPhone 5, as the mobile payment solution seems to be beginning to take off. We then told of a rumor that Qualcomm Gobi chips could be used and how this might impact the price and then told how iOS 6 may arrive with the next iPhone following the news that it was apparently already being tested within Apple.

Moving on we discussed upgrading costs and then posted about the likelihood of a summer or fall release and also what the actual name of the next iPhone will be. Although most tech sites are reporting it as the iPhone 5 after the recent iPad was released as the ‘new iPad’ it has led to many now expecting the next iPhone to be the ‘new iPhone.’ We also reported on what we could learn about the iPhone 5 from the new iPad and next came news that the likelihood of LTE was now looking very strong following a statement from Verizon.

By mid-March we had heard of a possible new bonding feature for the iPhone 5 that would make it tougher and then heard that wireless charging could be a new feature. Then there was news about the display being increased in size, something that many would like to see. We then heard reinforcement of LTE for the iPhone 5 that seems to pretty much confirm this will appear and then discussed the possible impact of an LTE iPhone for U.S. carrier Sprint.

More recently we heard how strikes at Foxconn might affect production of the next iPhone and then saw a brilliant concept design that we felt many would really like to see for the real iPhone 5. We then told of a new rumor of a 5-inch display being developed with conjecture of this being for either an iPad Mini or the iPhone 5 and in our last article about the iPhone 5 we reported on a patent revelation that implied the possibility of a 3D camera for the iPhone 5.

As well as leaks and rumors about specs and features though, we’ve also given readers insights on many aspects of the iPhone 5 so you may also want to check out a few of these. We’ve talked of the painful choice for some between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 for example and talked about how for some consumers an LTE iPhone may not be the best option. We’ve also discussed the possibility of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 releasing at the same time and also about the dilemma of whether to trade in to get the iPhone 5.

Finally one of our latest posts talked about desirable additions for the next iPhone 5 and asked our readers what they wanted to see come to fruition, while in another we asked readers to vote for their choice of the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S3. There has certainly been a lot of news and rumors about the iPhone 5 over the last month then and as always we expect this to multiply the closer we get to a release. You can be sure that we’ll continue to follow further iPhone developments and will carry on keeping you informed with all the latest.

In the meantime we’d like to hear from you with your thoughts about the next iPhone. Maybe you’re avidly waiting for it and have already decided to purchase it even before anything has been confirmed? Alternatively you may be waiting to hear if something you particularly want for the next iPhone is actually included? Let us know by sending your comments using the box below.


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    1. Bmfbmfbmfb says:

      oh yeah, samsung sure. You won’t find a Samsung phone that doesn’t have a major bug.. The most famous – Restarting at random moments.

  1. USB says:

    Apple are better their computers are the best in the world! The Samsung galaxy II is massive u can hardly hold it in ur hand. I am now going to get the iPhone 5 instead of iPhone 4s but that will be near christmas cause its not out in Ireland yet

  2. Lazywarrior says:

    @0603b2a850f1d4cec06f5678f96eee43:disqus Apple is not going to release iphone 5 this year..
    Apple will release iphone 4s with a faster chip..

      1. Nathangcooper says:

        That will never happen, I work for orange and know how customers react when they think here being cheated out of a phone, it’ll be a completely new design I guarantee

  3. loammi polanco says:


  4. Rbell38340 says:

    I personally would not even consider anything but Apple. Maybe that’s not a good way to look at it, but I have always been very happy with Apple products.

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