Mega Millions numbers via lottery scanner app

Let’s face it everyone would love to scoop a large win on a lottery no matter which country you are in, but if you are over in the USA and play Mega Millions, America’s biggest jackpot game that starts at $12 million, and use an Android device, there is an app that can keep you up to date on your Mega Millions numbers, and that app is called Mega Millions Scanner.

The Mega Millions Scanner app for Android enables the user to keep track of all their lottery winnings if you are lucky enough to win, scan and save your numbers and receive notification if you have won as soon as the Mega Million lottery has been drawn.

With the Mega Millions Scanner app the user can also check on jackpot information, drawings information, the latest winning number combinations, review historical winning numbers, and automatically roll saved numbers forward week after week.

The Mega Million Scanner app will help you track all your numbers without the necessity to check your tickets, and all you do is simply scan Mega Millions tickets via your smartphone camera, or you can add them manually, and once saved the app will track those important numbers, and notify you as soon as the lottery results are published and if you have won, and if so how much.

However, the Mega Millions Scanner does not scan your ticket barcode, but rather the actual numbers row by row on a ticket, so is not a barcode scanner.

For those that would like to take advantage of what the Mega Millions Scanner has to offer, you can download the application to your chosen Android device from Google Play at a cost of £1.26, roughly 2-bucks. Mega Millions Scanner tutorial video below.

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