MEIZU MX and M9 Android 4.0 ICS Beta tests

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich rollout continues as more handsets are slowly receiving the highly anticipated operating system. Today we have news of the MEIZU MX and M9 handsets receiving the Android 4.0 ICS Beta tests.

MEIZU’s MX and M9 Android smartphones feature some pretty decent hardware, but the trouble is they are only currently available in China, but according to mi2n the company has now released the public beta testing of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The new firmware will be the basic stock version of the operating system, and will bring some nice features to the handsets.

Users of the MEIZU MX and M9 will be treated to a complete new look and feel to their handsets with a redesigned UI along with new design and usage concepts. Before the public testing started the company had launched a private beta testing process for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which started half way through February for the MEIZU M9. It was during this private beta testing that users were shocked how much quicker and more responsive the firmware was.

Now the newly launched public beta firmware brings with it some bug fixes along with support for the company’s flagship handset, the MX. Also with the release of the public beta testing of the stock Android software, the company is continuing its support of the M9, which is a handset that has been available to consumers for over a year now.

This shows unlike some other handset manufactures that abandon older devices, MEIZU is focused on providing a satisfying user experience to its many customers. The firmware is available for both handsets now, and lets us know if you have downloaded it and what you think of the new operating system.

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