Drone gaming controller, the evolution for smartphones & tablets

If you are a gamer then you will know that there is quite a gap between using a console game controller and using a smartphone or tablet touch control for gaming, However there is a little project under way that if it takes off just might bridge the gap between classic game controllers and touch screen devices, and that project is the Drone smart controller.

The Drone smart controller is a Kickstarter project seeking funding of $60,000 in order to get off the ground, with the Drone being an open source, Bluetooth portable game controller for smartphones and tablets that will enable you to play your favourite emulators using a real controller.

As the Drone controller is open source the user can upload their own code to modify the characteristics of the Drone, and all done on the Arduino platform that many are already familiar with.

The Drone controller has a standard button layout along with a similar tactile feel as with other game controllers, and features a tilted, curved face, angled sides and a bottom contour scoop, with a polished black face and matte underside with a solid construction.

We have an introduction to the Drone controller video below for your viewing consideration that explains what the device is all about, how it works and is set up, and delivers a look at the prototype controller, so don’t forget to head on down and mash that play button.

Funding for the Drone Smart Controller is currently sitting at $12,088 with just 16 days to go to reach that $60,000 goal, so if the Drone is something that you think you could make good use of, you can of course make a pledge to the project by hitting up the Kickstarter website.

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