Intel StoryBook tablet with Medfield CPU & Dual-OS

It appears that there’s a new tablet coming out to play from Intel and is targeting towards emerging markets such as Brazil and China, and carries the codename of StoryBook. Word has it the Intel StoryBook tablet will be a 10-inch slate with Intel’s Medfield CPU and will be able to adopt dual operating systems.

The news of the Intel StoryBook tablet comes via DigiTimes who reports that the information comes via ‘sources close to the PC players,’ and the sources say that Intel’s Classmate PC project has been around for roughly 5 years and Intel has already established a partnership with numerous emerging countries.

The Intel StoryBook tablet is expected to be manufactured by Elitegroup Computer Systems, who already have a close relationship with Intel and is their OEM of the Classmate PC, and apparently China based Malata is also expected to gain orders for the PC tablet.

Word has it that the Intel StoryBook tablet will see release in the second half of this year and additionally in the education procurement market, and Intel also hopes to push the StoryBook to regular retail channels with the tablet commanding a price tag of less than US$299.

Intel along with Lenovo have also released a 10.1-inch Classmate PC with Windows 7 and Atom N2600 in Argentina that commands a price tag of US $300 to $400 and has apparently already received orders for the device in Argentina in the region of 158,000 units.

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